Book reviews, December 1989, December 1989

Original MG T series, The Restorer’s Guide so MG TA, TB, TC, TD and TF by Anders Clausager. 103 pp. 10″ x 8″. Bay View Books, I3a Bridgeland Street, Bideford, Devon, EX39 2QE. £14.95.

Anders Clausager has good credentials in writing a book on these popular models since he is archivist for the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust. Since the book is a restorer’s guide, there are page after colourful page of various models in minute detail interspersed with essential details of information as well as several interesting tables at the end of each chapter. Tim Andrews’ photographs well illustrate the points being made in the text to make this book a must for any owner of a T series MG. WPK

Anyone who wants to investigate the full story of the Mustang, Ford’s famous American sportscar, will need The Complete Book of Mustang from Foulis, a coffee-table tome (unless bookcases have been getting larger down the years?) It tells about these cars from the ’40s to today, including the Shelby-Mustangs and the all-new 1979 model. The engineering, the ironies, the developments, divided into a chapter on each version, are backed up by over 500 illustrations, many of which are large colour-plates, in this 320 page offering from the well-known Yeovil publishing house. The price is £14.95. WB

The Osprey colour series of books are 128 page photographic essays on a wide variety of motoring topics. Three have recently been published on the Porsche 911, the Cobra and the Citroen 2CV, and it is this latter book which stands out head and shoulders above the rest. The author and photographer, David Jacobs, a photographer by profession, has taken time and care to got his subject right, while those of the other two books have compiled a frankly boring collection. The captions in all three are poor, but at least those in Jacobs’ book are more relevant to the photograph. Despite the attractive price at £7.95, avoid Cobra and Porsche 911 like the plague, but take a look at the Citroen 2CV. WPK