V-to-C Miscellany, December 1994, December 1994



Another ex-Brooklands car has been found still to exist, the TT Replica Frazer Nash AUL 4, now in Kent, but owned from 1937 to 1947 by Miss P McOstrich, who was a well-known driver at Brooklands.

Last month we reported on the VSCC Welsh Trial. In the road rally run in conjunction with it the winning performance for the Rally Mug was achieved by Stephen Skilbeck, navigated by I S North (1924 30/98 Vauxhall). The only casualty was P Cattell’s 1908 Riley, which broke its crankshaft. Blaine’s Ballot, a Sunbeam, a Vauxhall and a Chrysler non-started. FirstClass Awards: Skilbeck, the outright winner, and D Baker (1927 Rolls-Royce Twenty). Second-Class Awards: T Clark (1925 3-litre Bentley), K Burnett (1928 1 2/50 Alvis), R Prest (1928 Star), L Eccles (1928 12/50 Alvis). Third Class Awards: I Potter (1927 AC), 1 Chapman (1923 Lea-Francis), K Stimpson (1929 Riley 9), R Parson (1928 Morgan).

Nigel Brooke has been elected the new President of the Brooklands Society.

S tolen! WB would be very grateful to anyone who can tell him the whereabouts of a 1932 490cc Sunbeam motorcycle, MV 7991, frame no 16095, which was stolen from a padlocked coach-house recently, together with an air-cooled V-twin JAP engine for a Morgan.

As a change from full-size A7s, a miniature A7 van, on bicycle tyres, was a feature of the SE A7 Rally reported last month. Presented by young Austin and Lawrence Hawkins (one brother really is called Austin), it is the work of their father.