8th Rallye Elba Storico

This little gem of an event is a round of the FIA Historic Rally Championship, and is therefore properly put together and run by the Elba Corse organising committee. Popular with German and Monagasque entrants, the event has now attracted a strong Czech contingent, one of them (Mr and Mr Trajbold) going so far as to win the event in their yellow Porsche 911. Bormoloni’s 911 came second, and an Austrian Healey 3000 was only four seconds behind – excellent close stuff after two days and 16 special stages on bumpy roads. The locals loved the event and would crowd around end-of-stage controls, particularly downhill ones, where the only trace of brakes many competitors had left was their strong aroma.

Running in parallel with the Storico was the ninth Elba Graffiti, a regularity tor the less hairychested, which used many stages of the Storico after its dust had settled. T J T