The Greatest Drivers series provided much enjoyment. Congratulations to Mark Hughes for having the enthusiasm and knowledge to undertake a daunting task considering the peer group who read MoroR SPORT around the world.

As the series went on my task got easier. If he’s not been mentioned is he worse than 100 or better than 80, 60,40, 20? Leon Thery surprised me. I had Dario Resta instead but the rest were the same, within an average error of 3.9 places.

It’s a personal view but Rosemeyer surprised at three and Mario at 50 amazed me. Ah well, you can always run it again with Nigel Roebuck as author and I will buy it. My list starts, as I believe Jenks’ did, at Jim Clark with Ayrton extremely close. Thank you again for a most enjoyable series

AM, YOOR‘, I It. tc TOR )R, NORMAMPION (My thanks to the dozens ofyou who have written to us about the lop 100. We are delighted to have pleased and outraged in almost equal proportion. kyourletta has not been published then 1 hope, at least, something that approximates toyour view has made the final cut. ed)