The Great challenge Volume 2

The Great challenge Volume 2 by Dieter Streve-Muhlens & Rainer Sclegelmilch ISBN: 3-00-0059474 Published by Dieter Streve-Mulhens, £195.00

Is there no end to Rainer Schlegelmilch’s talent, or archive? Even his ‘budget books’ looked worthy of a four-fold price increase. But this one, like its predecessor The Clark Era, is very special — a publication all our staff members wish they had. In November we highlighted some of our favourite pictures, but all images in this book are at least good, most are excellent, and many are exceptional. Combined with Dieter Streve-Millhens’ words, the overall effect is, in turn, touching, exciting and amusing.

My only real quibble is that images which have been enlarged considerably have a ‘peppered’ effect. But then this should never be regarded as a mere coffee-table book. This publication compels you to turn every page and, by the end, you are left with a clear idea of how it was to be in Formula 1 during the infancy of sponsorship and safety issues. A bargain, even at this price. DM