Motor Sport calendar

Motor Sport 2001 calendar sportscars of the 1950s Published by LAT £21.00 (Call 01795 414808)

The ideal Christmas gift for motor racing fans is this selection of Michael Tee photographs. Not only do they portray some of the sexiest cars ever, they also display Tee’s blend of imaginative composition and his ability to ‘put you there’.

How must it have been to stand by the grid at the start of the 1956 Bari Grand Prix, as those glorious sounds bounced off the stone walls? June’s shot leaves you in no doubt. And in November, one is reminded of the dedication of Froilan Gonzalez, wrestling the brutish Ferrari 375 Plus around Le Mans in the teeming rain.

Tee’s dedication is no less than that of the Pampas Bull, and that is reflected in this calendar, with which we at Motor Sport are proud to be associated. DM