Every cloud has a Silverstone




Like many others, for years I have suffered for my passion by making the annual trip to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix. We have all put up with the terrible organisation, awful facilities (Stone Age lavatories and greasy overpriced food) and, of course, the legendary traffic jams. I calculate that I have spent around five full days and nights of my life queuing to get in and out of this race and I’ve only been going since 1992!

The ‘solution’ to Silverstone’s traffic problem is to apparently punish the fans by cutting the number of us who can go, and making those who still do venture to the race pay even more than the rip-off price previously asked. To add insult to injury, Silverstone graciously tell us we can buy our tickets now at 2001 prices (for an event 10 months away). If you don’t, pay us even more just six weeks before Christmas as if that sort of expense is needed at that time of year We will also have no choice but to buy a three-day pass. I’d love to know how many people are able to go for the full three days; not a large percentage, I would bet

And so I urge all right-thinking Formula One fans to give this initiative the reception it merits and boycott the 2002 British Grand Prix. I hope Octagon get the snub they deserve. I will be spending my money on the far more appealing and cheaper Spanish Grand Prix, and the infinitely more exciting Rockingham 500.

I am, Yours etc,

Robert Sinfield,Stroud ,Gloucs