Although my piece on the 200mph Sunbeam was headed ‘De Hane’s Half Hour’, I am aware that Segrave took the record to 231mph in 1929 on a single attempt, with the Irving-Napier ‘Golden Arrow’, in possibly less time than the 200mph runs had taken. ‘Golden Arrow’ was described as active for only five minutes, so the whole thing may have occupied even less than half an hour.

The Alvis OC commemorated this year’s Golden Jubilee event with a fine set of 58 pictures in its current Bulletin. Interesting attendees had included the Goodwin Special single-seater, the ex-Michael May racing Silver Eagle, an FWD Alvis, a 12/40 tourer and Supercat, Pirhana and other Alvis military vehicles. Also the Eureka jazz band a feature now part of Prescott, the Verzons and other vintage-car events.

The versatility of the Vintage Austin Register’s magazine is ever a joy. The Autumn issue has articles on the Austin factory railway 0-6-0 Hunslet saddletank loco and other works locos, a piece on how a recently restored pre-war Austin fire-engine managed the Commercial Vehicle Brighton Run, pictures of a solid-tyred lorry in NZ, A7 notes, and a reproduction of The Autoca’s road test of a 1930 16hp Austin saloon, which did 58mph and stopped from 25mph in 25 feet.

It is pleasing that a number of GNs still compete in VSCC events, a reminder of the great days of Basil Davenport and ‘Spider’. I hear that next year there should be another, which is being built up from vintage parts and is to have four-valve Rudge cylinder heads.