Costin Lister-Chevrolet



Costin Lister-Chevrolet

The Costin-bodied Lister-Chevrolet now raced successfully by Julian Bronson was a 1959 car originally registered •TUF 1 It was built for Mike Anthony. who raced it at Aintree and Goodwood. The car was initially fitted with a 5.5-litre Chevy. but also raced in period with a Jaguar motor.

Anthony sold it to Mike Pendleton. who converted it to 34 -litre Jag power when the Chevy proved unreliable. After being owned by Dick Tindall, it passed to Gerry Marshall in the1970s and he took it to notable wins in the Lloyds and Scottish Historic Championship. Ray Mallock carried out some set-up work on the car for Marshall, who later sold it to Geoffrey Marsh of Marsh Plant on the agreement that Marshall would continue to race it Rupert Beckwith-Smith was the next

owner before Don Shead put the Chevrolet engine back in during the early 1980s. In the1990s Alan and Jason Minshaw raced it with some success in BRDC Historic Sports encounter and had the chassis refettled before Bronson bought it in 2000.

Two years ago Bronson went off backwards at Goodwood: The chassis was fine. It was only bodywork damage. and we salvaged everything. It is one of the few Listers with an original body.

The car remains extremely original and has a virtually continuous competition history. Bronson intends to keep that record up. having already taken it to Australia and Macau.

“It’s going to be with me for a long time.” he says. “Every time you fire it up it makes you smile!”