Reassembled film tells story of worst racing disaster

The tragic 1955 Le Mans accident is now so ingrained in motor sport history that those who know the terrible story formed their own opinions long ago as to exactly what happened and why.

A new film called Deadliest Crash provides a balanced and intelligent view of events that day, when Pierre Levegh’s Mercedes crashed into the crowd, killing more than 80 spectators. Among others, works Jaguar and Mercedes drivers Norman Dewis and John Fitch contribute not only their personal accounts, but also provide a fresh perspective on how rival teams dealt with the aftermath.

The moment that the film hangs on is, of course, the accident. Mike Hawthorn biographer and ’55 Le Mans crash expert Paul Skilleter opened his archives to provide a set of stills taken from a cine film of the crash unfolding. The images have been digitally ‘stitched’ together to provide a devastating real-time video of events. The film stops short of apportioning blame, but crucially, Levegh is shown to have had no time to react to the impending accident, completely exonerating him from being solely at fault.

What sets this film apart is the heart-wrenching stories from eyewitnesses which heighten the horrific loss felt by many hundreds that day.

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