Bugatti finally tops Kop Hill

The ex-raymond Mays Bugatti Brescia Cordon Bleu has got to the top of Kop Hill at last.

Having caused the end of speed events on public roads when it crashed there in 1925, the Brescia failed again in 1985 with a magneto problem. But current proprietor Karl Foulkes-Halbard reckoned to have overcome a curse by taking it to the top as part of this September’s Kop Hill centenary event.

The third Kop Hill revival, near Princes Risborough, pulled in an entry of around 350 running and over 100 paddock-only cars. The locally-based Ecurie Ecosse Jaguars and original transporter of Dick Skipworth were a particular highlight for the 8000-strong crowd, up from last year’s figure of 5000.

“I think we are on the calendar now,” said organiser Tony Davies.