Goodwood's rallying call



Goodwood’s rallying call

Sir, Twelve of us ex-Safari Rally competitors aged between 63 and 84, all passionate motor sport fans, attended our ninth Goodwood Revival this year and we unanimously agreed that the skill and courage of the following drivers made our trip really special:

Patrick Blakeney-Edwards, whose driving of the ill-handling Frazer-Nash ‘The Owlett’ was sublime and put the car so much further up the results than anyone could expect. Troy Corser, whose riding of the 1937 BMW R555 was a joy to watch and put him ahead of Norton Manxes and other exotics; never has that happened before. Jackie Oliver, whose total commitment made the BMW 700 do things that only happen if the driver has unbelievable car control. Grant Williams, voted every year as our driver of the day. To watch his Jaguar MKI sideways makes us come back every year.

To all the above, thank you. Your fully committed driving and riding touched our hearts and gives us memories for life. Mike Kirkland, Mombasa, Kenya