Just Colin
Colin McMaster & David Evans

As a 12-year-old schoolboy in 1995 I was allowed one poster on the dormitory wall. There were quite a few featuring supercars (scantily clad women weren’t allowed), but there was only one of Colin McRae – mine. Everyone knew who he was, though, such was his fame after winning the World Rally Championship that year.

It’s not often that reading a book such as this makes you heavy-hearted, but this one does. That’s no reflection on its quality; it’s just a very touching and well compiled memorial to the gifted Scot. It reiterates what a talent and character the world lost that sad September afternoon in 2007.

There are some wonderful images – including those of McRae several metres in the air, on the way to another WRC win or retirement – and plenty of moving notes from the likes of his brother Alister, co-driver Nicky Grist and his Subaru boss David Richards.

Both McMaster and Evans knew McRae well and offer a welcome personal touch. EF

Published by McKlein Publishing, ISBN 978-3-927458-64-2, €49.90