Beano's not toast

Delighted as we were to be mentioned in connection with another fine British brand, I have to report that rumours of The Beano’s demise have been much exaggerated (Motor Sport, October 2013).

The Beano is still on sale every Wednesday, where you can follow the adventures of Dennis the Menace, The Bash Street Kids and, perhaps most appropriately for Motor Sport readers, Billy Whizz, the fastest boy in the world.

Not wishing to argue with the spirit of your enjoyable article, we in The Beano office have decided that if we have to be outlived by anyone, we are more than happy for it to be Aston Martin.

To honour your Piquet issue, please find attached our re-imagining of Nigel Mansell’s legendary pass on Piquet at Silverstone in ’87, complete with feint, sparks, Union flags and ‘Mansell-bar’ moustache. Keep up the good work.

Craig Graham, Editor, The Beano