The real deal

May I just reassure your correspondent Mr Black, ref his letter in last month’s Motor Sport, that what he saw in the Goodwood TT was the real Aston Martin DP212 Project Car. Wolfgang does have a replica Project car, a fine 214 clone, but uses that in other arenas. DP212 is run out where the importance of the car matters, where the car is properly appreciated for what it is.

For me it is a real privilege to be asked to drive the car and sit where Graham and Richie (and others) sat and to get a small glimpse ‘behind the curtain’ to feel what they felt.

If Mr Black is ever passing Derby and the car is in the Aston Engineering workshops, I would be delighted to show him round and let him have his own, real life, Pictorial Review of a very special and charismatic racing car.

Simon Hadfield, Shepshed, Leics