Salisbury pain

The story in November about the fictitious Salisbury Grand Prix was of great interest to me. I used those roads daily between 2010 and 2013, and it was the scene of my worst car accident. On a lovely clear day, when I had stopped to answer my phone just down from Boscombe Down, I was attacked by ‘Strumpfelmeyer in his Blitzen’ – or rather, White Van Man in his Citroën who decided my ‘Auto Union’ (VW Passat estate) should be dispatched. The caved-in Passat ended up 13m down the road, me lying flat as my seat had broken. White Van was wrecked and the driver left shaken and concussed. Good old Passats – built to withstand attacks.

Although I have raced my Historic Formula Ford at Spa and other quick circuits, the thought of racing it down the Salisbury Grand Prix triangle does not appeal. Frighteningly fast and lined with hedgerows, trees and fences – not the place to challenge ‘Strumpfelmeyer in his Blitzen’…

Mike Bromley, Motcombe, Dorset