MoM 3 F1 Auctions

A new angle in the Formula 1 money making machine will be evident at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where on November 30 RM Sotheby’s plans an auction of grand prix-related cars and components. It will be the first auction of its type run in collaboration with the Formula 1 organisation itself, and focused purely on motor sport.

Lots so far include the Ferrari F2002 chassis that brought Michael Schumacher three of his 11 2002 victories including the title-clinching Magny Cours win, a Jaguar 220C racer, wings from the Ferrari 312T4s of Villeneuve and Scheckter, and parts from Fernando Alonso’s Renault R29.

Sections of Alonso’s 2009 Renault are up for grabs
Sections of Alonso’s 2009 Renault are up for grabs

“It’s not been tried before. The appeal is that this could take auctions to fresh markets,” said an RM spokesman. “The classic auction round is focused on specific areas; tying this new sale to a grand prix will give access to a different community who are nevertheless interested in motor sport.”

If it goes well the principle could bring further sales at grands prix in the Far East and South America, with all the exposure that goes with the championship. But the firm isn’t releasing estimates for the Schumacher car…

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