" Exeter " reflections

Severe Conditions cause Many Retirements.

There has been a lot of talk and some quite fierce argument about the change of policy in running this classic as a real trial instead of the usual easy run. On the whole the M.C.C. has won approval by the latest Exeter and such complaints as have arisen have been on matters of detail rather than on general grounds. As far as the motorcycle portion of the trial is concerned the conditions were perfectly suitable and well up to the standards demanded by trials in these days. It was when cars were required to traverse the same narrow lanes that some trouble occurred and timekeeping became impossible. However those who competed all seem agreed that it was a very good show, and that the new style is an improvement. The severity of the course is reflected in the results and some makes came off very badly. This, however, is not really to the discredit of the makes concerned and may be put down in many cases to the unexpected conditions. Many people were not prepared for what they were in for, and of course the fact that they entered in some cases on motor cars which were not very suitable for such colonial going is hardly the fault of the cars themselves, and extra credit is due to those who got away with it in spite of this. Among the star performers some mention ought to be made of the Fords. All five of them gained awards and these included three “golds.” The hills were not really severe once they were reached but some arrangments will have to be made in future to avoid the congestion on the approaches to the hills. Of the tests, the restart on Batcombe caused the greatest number of casualties, this being the cause of the large number of ” silvers.”