Brief Specification.



Brief Specification.

Engine : 6 cyl. bore 73 mm., stroke 100 mm., total capacity 2,511 c.c., detachable head. Push rod operated o.h.v., pump cooling, 4-bearing crankshaft. i hree point rubber engine mounting. Dual ignition by coil and polar

inductor magneto. hree S. U. carburetters. Clutch : Single plate.

Gearbox : Separate. Central change, synchromesh on all four gears. Transmission : Tubular pro pellor shaft, metal universals. Rear Axle : Fully/loafing, with sPiral bevel final drive. Brakes : Alois self energising

type. Springs : Independent for front wheels with ivis shock ab

sorbers. Semi-elliptic at rear with Andre friction hydrotelecontrol.

Battery : Lucas 12 volt., 2 unit electrical system, dynamo positively driven.

Wheels and lyres: Dunlop wheels, 19 rims. Dunlop 5.50 cord tyres.

Wheelbase : 10′ 3′. 1 rack : 4′ V

Price : Chassis £600. Sports 4 seater £695. Drop head coupe 4 ‘seater £825. t. harksworth saloon, as tested £825.

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