THE following is a provisional list of the British motoring events, compiled by the R.A.C., which will take place in 1935. The list of international fixtures has already been issued by the R.A.C., and a complete calendar showing the whole of the events in 1935 is now being printed by the Club and will be available to members of Associated Clubs and holders of Competition Licences without charge. January

12 Club of Nomad Motorists. Reliability Trial.

13 M.G. Car. Club. Challenge Trial.

20 Great West M.C. Reliability Trial.

20 Hastings & D.M.C. Reliability Trial.

20 Vintage Sports Car Club. Reliability Trial.

27 Ringwood M.G. & L.C.C. Reliability Trial. February

3 West Hants L.C.C. Hartwell Cup Trial.

9 Riley M.C. Annual Winter Trial.

16 Cambridge U.A.C. Reliability Trial.

16 Scottish Sporting Car Club. Half Day Trial.

16 S.S. Car Club. Buxton Trial.

17 Southsea M.C. Presidents Challenge Trophy Trial.

23 Sutton Coldfield & N.B.A.C. Colraore Trophy Trial.

24 Kentish Border C.C. Reliability Trial. 24 West Herts A.C. Chiltern Hundred Trial. March

2 Junior Car Club. Brooklands Rally.

9 Riley M.C. Reliability Trial.

10 Vintage Sports Car Club. Reliability Trial. 16 Brooklands Auto. Racing Club. Open Meeting. 16 N.W. London M.C. Coventry Cup Trial. 16 Southport M.R.C. Speed Meeting.

16 Standard Car Owners Club. Reliability Trial.

17 Brighton & Hove M.C. Ltd. Spring Cup Trial. 23 Cambridge U.A.C. Speed Trial—Syston Park. 23 M.G. Car Club (Scottish). Reliability Trial. 23 United Hospitals & U.L.M.C. Reliability Trial.

26-30 R.A.C. Rally. Eastbourne.

30 Scottish Sporting C.C. Half Day Trial.

31 Bugatti Owners’ Club. Malvern Rally. Great West M.C. Spring Cup Trial. April

6 Junior Car Club. Inter Centre Rally.

6 Lancashire & Cheshire C.C. Sporting Trial.

6 Women’s A. &. S.A. Restricted Trial.

67 Brighton & Hoye M.C. Ltd. Reliability Trial.

7 Cambridge U.A.C. Exmoor Trial.

7 Middlesex County A.C. Opening Run. 13 Derby & D.M.C. Speed Meeting Donington. 13 Southport M.R.C. Speed Meeting. 13 S.S. Car Club. Half Day Trial.

13 Veteran Car Club. Rally and Hill Climb. 3-14 Singer Motor Club. Rally.

14 Margate & D.C.C. Restricted Trial.

19-20 Motor Cycling Club Ltd. London-Land’s End Trial. April

20-22 Scottish Sporting C.C. Two Days Trial.

*22 Brooklands Auto. Racing Club. Race Meeting. 22-27 Ulster A.C. Rally.

27 Middlesex County A.C. British Car Competition. 27 Sutton Coldfield & N.B.A.C. Team Trial. 27 Triumph MX:. “Cotswold 100.”

27 Women’s A. & S.A. Welsh Trial.

28 Bugatti Owners’ Club. Monte-Honiton-Carlo Rally. May

4 M.G. Car Club. Abingdon-Abingdon Trial. 4 Mid Surrey A.C. Grand Cup Trial.

4 Tweed Valley M.C. Haystoun Trophy Trial.

4 or 5 Standard Car Owners’ Club. Reliability Trial. *6 Junior Car Club. International Trophy Race.

11 Derby & D.M.C. Race Meeting Donington.

11 Kent & Sussex L.C.C. Lewes Speed Trials.

11 Middlesex C.A.C. Lady Drivers Competition. II Southport M.R.C. Speed Meeting.

12 Liverpool M.C. Invitation Trial.

12 Talbot Owners’ Club. Talbot Twenty Trial. *18 Midland A.C. Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb. *18 Western Centre. Cotswold Cup Trial.

19 Kentish Border C.C. “Best “Cup Trial.

25 Bugatti Owners’ Club. Speed Hill. Climb. 25 M.G. Car Club (Scottish). Half Day Trial. 25 Middlesex C.A.C. Efficiency Test.

25 N.W. London M.C. Lawrence Cup Trial.

25 Riley A.C. 24 Hour Trial.

26 Rochester, Chatham & D.M.C. Night Trial.

26 West Hants L.C.C. Banfteld Cup Trial. *2941 R.A.C. Mannin Races, I.o.M. June

78 Motor Cycling Club, Ltd. London-Edinburgh Trial.

*10 Brooklands Auto, Racing Club. Race Meeting. 10-14 Royal Scottish A.C. Rally.

15 Kent & Sussex L.C.C. Lewes Speed Trials. 15 Mid Surrey A.C. Holyhead Trial.

21-23 S.S. Car Club. Blac.kpool Rally.

*22 Ulster Automobile Club. County Down Trophy Race.

22 Middlesex C.A.C. Oakes Competition.

22 Standard Car Owners’ Club. Rally and Gymkhana.

22-23 Brighton & Hove M.C., Ltd. Brighton-Beer Trial.

29 Junior Car Club. Members’ Day Brooklands. 29 Scottish Sporting C.C. Main Road Trial.

29 Sutton Coldfield & N.B.A.C. Trinmph M.C. Vesey Cup Trial.

29-30 West Hants L.C.C. Concours d’Elegance and Gymkhana.

30 Liverpool M.C. Closed Trial. July

56 Motor Cycling Club, Ltd. Reliability Trial. *6 British Racing Drivers’ Club. British Empire Trophy Race.

6 Middlesex C.A.C. 100 Miles Trial.

6 Scottish Sporting C.C. Speed Event.

13 Derby & D.M.C. Race Meeting Donington. 16-20 South Wales A.C. Welsh Rally.

20 Women’s A. & S.A. Buxton Trial.

21 Middlesex C.A.C. Village Seeking Comp tn.

27 Bugatti Owners’ Club. Speed Trial. July

27 Southport M.R.C. Speed Meeting.

28 Brighten & Hove M.C., Drewitt Trophy Trial. August

23 Mid Surrey A.C. Barnsta_ple Trial.

*5 Brooklands Auto. Racing Club. Race Meeting.

5 Lancashire A.C. Sporting Trial.

17 Derby &. D.M.C. Clubman’s Day—Donington.

24 Kent & Sus,sex L.C.C. Lewes Speed Trials.

24 Southport M.R.C. Speed Meeting.

31 Ulster A.C. Craigantlet Hill Climb. (Meetings inscribed on the International Motoring Fixture List marked *.) September

1 Kentish Border C.C. Reliability Trial.

1 Lancashire & Cheshire C.C. Lakeland Trial.

7 R.A.C. Tourist Trophy Race.

7 Bugatti Owners’ Club. Speed Trial—Lewes.

7 Middlesex C.A.C. Hill Climbing Competition.

7 Triumph M.C. Chiltern One-Twenty. 11 Sutton Coldfield & N.B.A.C. Evening Car Trial

14 Brighton & Hove M.C., Ltd. Speed Trials. .

14 Edinburgh & D.M.C. Reliability Trial.

14 Motor Cycling Club, Ltd. Brooklands Meeting.

15 Yorkshire Sports C.C. Speed Trials.

15 Middlesex C.A.0 Speed Judging Comptn.

*21 British Racing Drivers’ Club. 500 Miles Race.

21 Scottish Sporting C.C. Half Day Trial.

21 Southport M.R.C. Speed Meeting.

21 Riley M.C. Cotswold 6 Ladies Trial.

21-22 West Hants L.C.C. Reliability Trial.

*28 Midland A.C. Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb.

28 Junior Car Club . Lynton Trial.

29 Rochester, Chatham & D.M.C. Reliability Trial.

29 Singer Car Club. Bullock Cup Trial. October

*5 Derby & D.M.C. Race Meeting Donington. 5 Royal Scottish A.C. Team Trial,

5 Standard Car Owners’ Club. Reliability Trial.

5 Women’s A. & S.A. London-Exeter.

56 Sydenham M.C. Reliability Trial.

*12 Brooklands Auto Racing Club. Race Meeting.

12 Motor Cycling Club, Ltd. Sporting Trial.

13 Bligatti Owners’ Club. One Day Trial. 19 NW. London M.C. Team Trial.

26 Mid Surrey A.C. Experts Trial.

26 Scottish Sporting C.C. Anniversary Run.

27 Brighton & Hove M.C., Ltd. Reliability Trial. November

2 Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Restricted Trial.

2 Oxford & Cambridge U,C. Inter-Varsity Trial. 9 Sutton Coldfield & N.B.A.C. Shell Cup Trial.

9 Women’s A. & S.A. Reliability Trial.

10 Kentish Border C.C. Sporting Trial.

17 Great West M.C. Thatcher Trophy Trial.

23 Bugatti Owners’ Club. Night Trial. 23 Singer M.C. Sporting Trial. December

1 Liverpool M.C. Closed Trial.

1 West Hants L.C.C. Simon Trophy Trial.

1 N.W. London M.C. London-Gloucester Trial.

27-28 Motor Cycling Club, Ltd. London-Exeter Trial.