General Classification

Light Car Class

Women's Cup

Abbreviations : A started from Athens ; T, Tallinn;

8, Stavanger ; B, Bucharest' Unie,a ; P, Palermo; V, Valenea ; 3.0., John o' Groats; 0, Glasgow ; Ab., Aberdeen ; Am., Amsterdam ; N. Naples.

Special Awards

International Sporting Club Cup and 50,000 francs.L. Zan rescou (Ford).

Riviera Cup and 12,000 Irs (best 1,500 c.c.)E. Kozma (Fiat).

Coupe des Dames and 5,000 frs (best all-women crew).-Mme. Marinovitch and Mlle. Helle-Nice (Matford).

"Le Journal" Cup (for greatest distance and most marks).-M. Minim (B.M.W.).

A.C. of Portugal Cup (best from Portugal).-A. Testers (Ford).

Late Public Schools Trophy (best by British Public Schools member).-D. H. Murray (FrazerNash-B.M.W.).

Rene Leon Cup (best British competitor).-1). M. Healey (Triumph).

Prince Pierre Ghika Cup (best from Roumania).B. Neanitti (Ford).

Roumanian A.C. Cup (best by a Roumanian from Roumania).--B. Neamtu (Ford).

Norway Cup (best in category one from Norway). -C. A. Bijiaard (Ford).

" Agtenposten " Trophy (best 1,500 c.c. from Norway).-B. N. Willinott (Rover).

Thistle Cup (best from British starting-point).Miss J. Astbury (Singer).

Barclays Bank Cup (best British car).-D. M. Healey (Triumph).

Royal Scottish A.C. Prize (best from Scotland).Miss J. Astbury (Singer).

Baltic Prize (best from Tallinn).-G. Bakker Schut (Ford).

A.C. of Monaco Cup (best time In final test).L. Zainfirescou (Ford). Driven in test by P. G. Cristea.

A.C. of Portugal Cup (for best by member Of the A.C.P.).-M. Nunes dos Santos (Adler).

Hotchkiss Trophy (to constructor of car making best performance).-Ford (L. Zamtirescou).

Netherlands A.O. Cups (for best members of club).-Crip A (Class 1) : G. Bakker Sella (Ford). Cup C (best from Amsterdam): F. de Boer. (Chevrolet).

"Hotel des Etrangers " Cup (best on a route that entailed roost fallures).-Miss Jackie Astbury (Singer).

Touring Club of Greece Cup (best from Athens).L. Zarnfirescou (Ford).