RACING CLOTHING White Racing Suits, best quality, Zip front, button ankles and cuffs, 2 military patch pockets .. .. 27/6 White Racing Suits, as above, but lighter weight material ... .„ 25/ White Racing Suits, special line, Zip front 22/6 White Racing Suits, Zip front, small stand collar, open legs and sleeves, 2 military pockets, epaulets on shoulders, Govern ment pattern . ... 27/6 Green Racing Suits, best quality, Zip front, button ankles, Oxford or Cambridge blue. Do. . ... 27/6 Racing Suits, made from the wonderful Grenfell cloth, in 20 different shades, Zip front, Zip pockets, etc„ rainproof, wind proof, fast colours ... 65/ Helmets to match, made to measurements 10/Racing Suits, unbleached material, Zip front, all round belt Button front. Do. ... 14/Unbleached Mechanics' Suits, all round Blue or Brown " Motoralls," all round belt I I/ Boiler Suits in blue or brown 8/6, 10/6, 12/Racing Trousers, white drill, Zip front, button ankles, all round belt .. 15/Racing Trousers, in green, light or dark blue, Zip front, belts 16/6