Fred Craner's great Grand Prix last October has stirred many Englishmen and we anticipate a widespread desire to spectate at Formula races. Air travel constitutes the most pleasant means of transit to Continental races and we shall be pleased to publish details of such travel facilities, if private aeroplane owners of the Air Lines or Charter companies will send details. The approximate period away from home, cost, and number of seats likely to be available is the information primarily required. Those who contemplate going by train and boat can naturally get particulars from the usual sources. Meetings likely to have a special appeal are Cork (April

23rd),French G.P. (July 3rd), Albi (July 10th), German G.P. (July 24th), Monaco (August 7th), Swiss G.P. (August 21st), Masaryk (September 25th) and Le Mans (Time 18th-19th). If anyone has facilities to offer in respect of these or other races we shall be pleased to place details before our readers.