Letters from readers, February 1943


I was very interested to read the suggestion for an exhibition and club put forward in your General Notes column for December. I am sure that once started it would not fail for lack of enthusiasm, and could be enlarged to a considerable extent after the war. I am certain also that enthusiasts would be willing to subscribe a small amount as entrance fee and as an annual membership fee, in the same manner as the E.R.A. Supporters’ Club. The latter has shown that followers of the sport are anxious to support it in every way they can, and had it not been for the interruption of the war, I think this club would have been quite a large affair.

I should like to express my agreement with the sentiments of Major Dove concerning so-called enthusiasts’ treatment of good cars.

Here’s hoping for the return of the sport in the not too distant future.

I am, Yours etc.,

G. D. Marshall. – Eltham.

[The idea we referred to originated in the J.C.C. “Gazette.”—Ed.]