Letters from readers, February 1943


Mr. T. A. Rose asks for information re the f.w.d. Alvis 8-cylinder cars. The standard job had a wheelbase of 10 ft. and 4 ft. 6 in. track, eight cylinders 55 x 78.5. Hemispherical head with valves at 90 degrees, operated by twin o.h. camshafts through piston-type tappets. Shafts were, I think, gear driven. Crankshaft has three plain and two roller bearings and the rods have roller big-ends. This model was offered blown, by Roots type, but may have been sold unblown, although I never heard of or saw one.

If Mr. Rose cares to get in touch, c/o Motor Sport, I may be able to assist him with more complete data.

May I point out that the Aston-Martins run in the Strasbourg event of 1922 were 1.5-litres, not 2.5-litres, as stated on page 223, November issue.

The G.P. Sunbeam engine mentioned as being saved by the late Stanley Martin is now being rebuilt by myself, when and as time allows. This unit had not been treated too kindly by former owners, but no trouble will be spared to restore the engine to as near G.P. trim as possible.

I am, Yours etc.,

Harold Pratly. Walton, Liverpool 4.

[The Aston-Martin was definitely a 1.5-litre, and an unfortunate mistake occurred on the page mentioned.]