Letters from readers, February 1943


Your article in Motor Sport concerning the racing cars housed by T. & T.s was of particular interest in these days of “work only” motoring.

I was intrigued by, but cannot understand, the reference to Major Gardner’s M.G. Magnette. I had always understood that the engine from this job (ex-Ron Horton) was used in the 200 m.p.h. M.G., employing the old Magic Magnette chassis.

It will be remembered that the Major did 148 m.p.h. odd with the offset-bodied job in 1937 in an effort to attain 150 m.p.h. Later, in March, 1938, he offered the body for sale in the Sports Car. Also, as far as I remember, the propeller shaft was not offset, and I cannot recollect many M.G. Magnettes with huge head-fairings, lengthy tails, etc.

I am, Yours etc.,

J. S. French. Elmore, Gloucestershire.