ILLMAN Spares and Repair Specialists. Resconditioned engines and chassis components. Large stocks of new and secondhand spares for ” Minx ” anti ” Fourteens.” Bhuichtlowers, ” The Motor People,” Kettering. Phone : 2359.

30/9Q E-t’pe V anx Original condition.

u v,k, ;00d tyres. Rare car. Forty guineas. Write J. H. Fall, City and Onilds College, Exhibition Road, London, S.W.7. -FA LBO’r. registration No. P4. Genuine Fox & jet1011 now fitted with 95 ” engine and pre-selector gearbox. This car was hilly described in the June, 1943, issue of MoToit Seowr, and is in the same excellent condition, with the addition of Lucas P.100 lamps: Photographs sent on retfuest. Delivery could he arranged. Price t ISO, or would exchange for modern salt ti in car in good Culni lit It ti Daniels, The Farm House, Atithershatir Erort sale, Austin Seven retsina( hloci: pistons, seven big 7 ovorsize piston sots, t’..2 Pls. 4-speed sycro boxes, .t11. 4 pressed steel ‘vbeels, VAL 4 17-in. wheels, C’hromitmoplated tuladar front axle unit, 12-itt drums, rear-axle knock-on. Staggered radiator, varialtle-rake steering gear, chassis

frame, donble rtfords. suitable spevial builder. A:130 Jot. Seen by appointment. W.., 40, Beechwood Avenue, Kew Gardens. Continued in next column Advertisement Offices : 54, BLOOMSBURY BEDFORD SQUARE, W.C.1 Telephone : MUSeum 0522 RATES (prepaid) I/3 per line Minimum 3 lines 6 Words to line Copy required by 20th of the month FOR SALE—continued :-Aale. 1929 I o. :or den Plas open 1-soatei

” Rent ley. New all-weather equipment. 100. capt. liarrass. R.M.C., Camberley, sorre-, plNCI L lrawings of your past ,ir prosent car, fo an Please submit suit:04e photc,gnipn, .ii od number only aceeptcil. A tito4:e1 chos.9 stenhenson Terrace, Wylam, Northunthertind,

GC* PIN, (T11., 222, Gt. Portland Street, W.1, have a select ion of AttStins for sale. Competitive prices. Euston 5677/8.

DISMA Nors Albert Avenue, Albert Square, ClTLING 200 ears, parts cheap Albert DMotapham; London. RM. 3256.

vOR SALE. 61-litre Bentley, first registered 1927, -11-. rebuilt 1941, with Lc Mans-type 2/4-seater body. Very good running order throughont. Available for demonst rat in, Price A:200. Purkess, 18, Carit on Avenue East, Wembley Park. Arnold 1062 ; :old I. Itrentfichl Road, Harlesden. Willesden 3417. WANTED

SQ PORTS ‘A KS. T. & T. interested in purchase of good spirts cam. Thomson ct. Taylor (Brooklands) Ltd., Portsmouth Road, Cobham, Surrey. A LL types vintage sports ears urgently wanted Ct by T. P. Breen, Ltd., High Road. Whetstone,

N.20, Phone : 2393.

WANTED. Wiley M.P.H., in any t.ondition. v v preferably good, kVrito, J. Limiter. Listordale, fir. Rotherham, Yorks. urANT purehase, privately, any year or vv condition, 17(4..12, PT. or N: types. U.S.A., 4 I

Morgan. It dry Kest rel. et ‘tut 24 Wool, Standish flimsy, Sioneia ruse, tilos. continued in next column WANTED—continued

IATA NT ED. N.:t. 4 Cozette Blower for AuSt v complete Wow!! Ulster Engine. J. V. BoWitr,’,. 3. Fiddlers Hamlet, Epping, Essex. DRIVIT up E buyer offers to A:600 for racing or ca

supersports car. Any capacity or type. Box No. 120, MoTok SPoRT, 21, City Road, E.G.].

1,1) typo Bentley wanted. 3, 41, 61, or 8-11tre,, Any year. Price aceooling to condition. Box No. 130, Morin: Seota, 21, City Bind, E.C.1.

WANTED.. Cowtrie supercharger for 11-litre V 4-Tigilw. Crown wheel and bevel pinion for ” 12/40 ” Lea-Francis. 4.2 or 3.7 ratio. A. I.. s. Denser. Anstoy Lodge, 5/ton. 1-hints.