The "Motor Sport" Instruction Book Library

There has been a steady and considerable demand for the loan of instruction books from the Library, and obviously this is a useful service. But we have a few comments to make. In the first place, the period of loan (free, by the way) is three weeks, but many books are away for months. Some never return at all, notably our 3-litre Bentley book, and others are delayed by being sent to the London offices. Please note that, until further notice, books are to be borrowed from and returned to W. B., 5, Alexandra Road, Harrogate, Yorkshire. It is only necessary to state which car the book is for and to enclose an adequately stamped, addressed envelope. All too frequently such envelopes are too small; one 9 in. by 12 in. will cover almost all requirements, if it is strong. We are very pleased to loan books, but if you only require a specific piece of information this can he given to you by letter, so that the book remains available to others. In conclusion, we wish to thank all those readers. who have contributed to the Library; it has not always been possible to acknowledge these books. Further contributions are welcome, and duplicate books are accept able, to minimise waiting lists. The Library at present covers the following cars :—

Alfa-Romeo, 1 1/2 litre single o.h.c., 17/95 twin o.h,c., “Gran Sport,” Tipo 6c., 2.300 B. (in French). Austin 7. Alvis, “Firefly Twelve.” “TA Silver Eagle,” T.D., T.B., and T.C. “Silver Eagle,” and “Speed 20,”
B.M.W. R.5 Motorcycle,
British Salmson, 12 h.p.; Bentley 4 1/4 litre: Delage “14/40” DISS, 15.7 & 18.2 Light Six. and D.8 8 cylinder.
Excelsior 2 stroke motorcycles; Essex Six.
Fiat, 500 and 1,500; Ford Ten and V.8 “30.”
Hotchkiss A.M.80 3 litre; Hudson Terraplane Six (1938)
Invicta 3 litre, “12/45” and “12/90” 1 1/2 litre
Jowett “7/17.”
Lancia “Agusta,” “Lambda” 7th and 8th Series;
Lorraine-Dietrich Six; Lagonda 2 litre and 3 litre;
Lanchester 21 h.p., and 1913 25 and 38 h.p.
Morris Minor (1929-31), Cowley and Oxford bullnose; Ten-Four Series M.; Cowley and Oxford (1928) and Isis Six (1930).
M.G. Midget M-type. J-type and Mark II Six: Mercédès-Benz Type 500K.; Minerva straight-eight; O,M. “10/30” 4 cyl., and “15/45” 6 cyl
Rapier; Rolls-Royce “Silver Ghost”; Rover 12 hp., “Pilot Six,” “Light Six,” and “10/25”; Rhode: Riley Nine, Twelve-Four and 1 1/2 litre 4 cyl.
S.S. 2 1/2, 3 1/2 and 100: Sunbeam 3 litre twin o.h.c., 25 hp,; Singer Nine; Salmson 10/20, push-rod and o.h.c. models (1928); Scott motorcycles; Standard Flying 9, 10, 12, 14 and 20 (1936-7).
Talbot “14:15,” “18/85” and all sixes to “105 speed”; Triumph Super 8, 9. 12/6, “Southern Cross” and “Gloria” 4 and 6 cyl.; Trojan two-stroke, rear-engined.
Vauxhall Light Six 12 and 14.
Wolseley “21-60” straight-eight.
Also Zenith Triple Diffuser, Solex self-starting F type and Cozette carburetters; Scintilla Vertex magnetos; Cozette superchargers and Lucas lighting and starting equipment, Total nmber of vols.: 78.