The "Motor Sport" Brooklands Fund



A Steady Improvement

The Fund started by Motor Sport as a tribute to the late Mr. H. F. Locke-King who gave Brooklands Motor Course to the nation, is gaining momentum, and we hope something really worthwhile will eventually be the outcome. We propose to leave the Fund open for some considerable time, as doubtless many overseas enthusiasts will wish to contribute.

Dr. and Mrs. Edisbury, in sending their donation, say: “Herewith a small tribute to a great man. To my wife and me, the Fund will be a reminder of the world’s most glorious ‘blind’ round the dear old track during our honeymoon.”

George Bence, on behalf of the North London E.C.C., says his Club feels that it should express appreciation of those who served the Sport in years gone by, and that the present generation owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Locke-King ; the N.L.E.C.C. is well aware of the good Brooklands did in the past.

We hope a useful trophy, or perhaps something more imposing, may be possible if the Fund continues to grow. The Trustees are Mr. J. A. Masters, of the M.C.C., and Mr. W. J. Tee, of Motor Sport. Space permitting, a full list of donations will be given in the near future.