Club affairs, February 1952

GA Woodcock, 73b, London Road, Peterborough, is now the secretary of the Peterborough MC. 

Eton College now has its motor club, The Rootes Group has presented engines and chassis for the workshop and it is hoped that cars will eventually be built. The club’s president is GR St Aubyn and the secretary is CJJ Balfour, Heath Lodge, Petersfield, Hampshire.

The Singer Owners’ Club reports a membership of nearly 200, and has, centres in Manchester, Leeds and Boston (Lincs). Members are sought in the Midlands and South-West. Hon sec : K McDowall, Halesworth Road, Lewisham, SE13.

Amongst the many one-make Registers now functioning the name of Mercedes Benz has hitherto regrettably been absent. RH Johnson now proposes to make good this omission by forming such a Register, covering all models, ancient and modern, kleinkind to grosser. The aim and object in view is, firstly, to form a brudenschaft of past and present enthusiast Mercedes owners and, secondly to compile a Register of existing examples, along with records of all available information and literature, historical, technical and racing, relevant to the lore of Mercedes.

Will all such, persons interested in this project please write to the founder secretary, RH Johnson, “Chequer Trees,” Limpley Stoke, near Bath. Somerset ? Should there be an encouraging response it is intended to develop the social aspect by holding occasional rallies at venues convenient for the majority, from which beginnings, it is hoped eventually, to establish a Mercedes Club. 

A Solicitor of the Supreme Court and Notary Public, Mr Dan McKay has accepted the secretaryship of the Lothian Car Club (Edinburgh) Ltd. He succeeds Mr Malcolm Smith, one of the pioneers of aerodrome racing in Scotland, who is leaving Edinburgh to take up duties with his firm, Halfords Ltd., in the south. Mr McKay also succeeds to the appointment with club colleagues Mr JA Dick Peddie, VS, and Dr JG Waugh, to the Winfield Joint Committee which oversees the successful race meetings in Berwickshire. This committee, which comprises the LCC, the Berwick and District and the Hawick and Border Car Clubs, is at present preparing the Winfield circuit for its first International meeting on June 21st. Communications should now be sent to Mr McKay, 7, Rutland Square, Edinburgh.

The Nottingham SCC announces that February 29nd has been selected for the postponed annual dance. which will now be held at “The George” hotel, Nottingham. Details from H Hallam, 15 Devonshire Avenue, Beeston. In addition to their recent film of Gamston racing, a two hour show of Castrol, Esso and Shell racing films will be held in Mr Truman’s private cinema on February 2nd.

The Warrington and District MC propose to form an active motor car section, providing social and sporting facilities for the benefit of members. The club has recently acquired a furnished clubroom, with table tennis, billiards (small tables) and other games. Light refreshments are available and a car park adjoins the clubroom. Interested motorists, sporting and social, are invited to attend a meeting on Friday, February 8th, at 8 pm at the clubroom, Bridge Foot Garage, Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington, to discuss the matter.

A change in the regulations for the XIII Paris-St Raphael Rally this year is that entrants may take a male passenger only if entering for Class B in the General Classification. Entrants for Class A must consist of a feminine team only. Regulations from the AC du Var, 17 rue Mirabeau, Toulon.

In spite of its seniority we note that the Mid-Surrey AC has only been granted perinission by the RAC to hold Closed Permit events this year. However, they are going ahead with a full progranune, commencing with a map-reading contest on March 9th. The AGM will still be held at the “Queen Adelaide,” Kingston Road. Ewell, at 8 pm on February 1st.

RJT Hewitt, 5 St. Leonard’s Court. SW.14, would like to hear from owners and enthusiasts with a view to establishing a BMW Register.

The Old Merchant Taylors Society attempting to start a car section for rallies driving tests, etc and interested OMT’s are invited to contact G Connelly, 59 The Ridgeway, Kenton. Middlesex (Tel : Temple Bar 74831). The next event will be on February 3rd at “Durrants” at 11 am.