6d. per word (maximum number allowed 80) Minimum Charge 6/-.

Box Numbers, for the convenience of Private Advertisers only, 2/extra.

No insertion will be made unless prepaid. Copy received after first post on the 21st of the month will be held over until the next issue unless cancelled in writing before the 10th of the following month. The publishers reserve the right to refuse or withdraw copy without notice and do not hold themselves responsible for matters arising from office or works errors. FOR SALE 1939 M.G. Tickford conpe. Good cormlition throughout. £275, o.n.o. Tel.: EEL 3228. I-I, Brixton Road, SAV,9, [1035 WOLSELEY HORNET Trimly Spedal, open 2/4seater. sound body and engine; fast, 141, New Road, Brornsgrove, Worcs. [1936

BENTLEY 3-LITRE tourer, 1924. Reground crankshaft. remetalled bearings—pew drain tubes. Brakes skimmed and relined. Electrics overhauled. Instant .starter. Entirely original, in. chiding inStruments. Hood and tonneau fair. 1,180. Kirkpat rick, Wolteral, [1937 2—MORRIS-COWLEY 2:sea.ter tourer, 1930. Shabby, bat good tyres. T. IL Ash, Rod:lied, rohn’s [1938 LAGONBA RAPIER 4-seater tourer. Good condition. Spare crown-wheel and pinion, and nag. £155, 2 Northumberland Close, Erith, Rent. (1939 ALVIS 12/60, 1931, tourer. Lowered radiator and body. £79. McNeil, 46, Henlow Road, Maypole, Birmingham. (1940 AUSTIN NIPPY, 1934. New c.w.p., mains, rings, dynamite, upholstery. e135. anti. Tel.: Warwick, Orpington 25671 (business hours). 11941 RILEY FALCON. 1935 model 12/4 Saloon. Regent overhaul, new back end and engine parts. £120

or offer. 9. Cottage Road, Leeds 6, [1942 VERNON DERBY SPORTS, 1927, 9 h.p., o.h.v. G.N. New battery, well shed, rebuilt. 445. 18, Rook Street, Deepchtle, Preston, Lancs. (1943 1934 M.G. PA. Green. New red hood, battery and tyres. 4100. Fraser, 92, Renfrew. Road, Paisley. [1944 BENTLEY. 1925, 3-LITRE 4 sea ter tourer, Gurney Nutting body. £150. 31, Newcastle Road, Liverpool 15. Tel.: Sefton Park 4722. 11945 ALVIS 4.3-LITRE, 1939. cirophead coupe. Radio and heater. Cheap for quick sale, Or exchange considered. Box No. T9413, MOTOR SVORT, 16, City Road, E.C.I. [1943 1955 D.K.W. 3-6 Sonderklasse saloon. Used for demonstration purpose only. Immaculate condition. All accessories except wireless. Colour, smoked grey. Very fast: 35 m.p.g. Terms arranged. Insurance. Part exchange. Dunn Bees., Seaton, Devon. Tel.: Seams 543. 11947 1945 HUDSON Country Chili. Excellent condition and peritirmance. New hood. Recently ref,270. 77, Bowershott, Letehworth, Herts, [1948 4.3 ALVIS, 1038, sports saloon. Nevi batteries, c.w.p., starter ring. Dynamo, starter overhauled. Brakes Wined, recabled. £210. Spink, 21, Park Hill, Harpenden, Herts. (1949 ALAN BAKER offers his well-known 1020 Austin Seven saloon. (45. Oxferd and Cambridge !geese note. 5+. Wroughton Road, SAV.1 L [1951 ALVIS FIREFLY saloon. Excellent condition inside and out ; 25 m.p.g.: 40 lb. hot. {:05, 0.0.0. 12a, ‘Dorchester Court. Colney Hatch Lane, N.10. (1952 Ttll) 1092,

NEW YEAR BARGAINS—Parkes Autos Everything new emitlitioe; carriage paid. Ex-A.M. blowers, lmwerful air veloeity (quiet), &,,optrire 8 ft. 110Se to radiator, ideal car heaters, It and 12v. systems, instruetions, 425. fld. Revolution.

vaunters, 5,099 11101010US calibrat inn, 38-in. dial, quiet miming. nowerometrie, with unproved drive. lit dynamo end, rAS. A.V.C. controls, 15s. ReConditioned S. I,, 6, I tie. pumps, li5s, Marshall superchargers, 49, or complete kits. S.11. carburetters sets-ire, repherreeti , ‘spit ial, t•-,, dteitp. Send. t.W.O. it S.a.f. 5,.: Ames, Woodview, Buekholt. near Moen, mil, t15 FIAT, ’39, MODEL 500 eottp. Resprayed grey with green intener. A very smart car with good PerfM me nCe• ),9’20. Tel.: Ewell 3722. tezie A.G., 1935. 4-seater d.h.e., crashed. Chassis sadly bent. Mechanically perfeet £45. Sparkes, Eagle Hotel. Stalybridge, Cheshire. [1953 FOR SALE—continued RAPIER, 1,104-G,G. 2seater. Original ,pecimen liertelli coachwork. New hood, screens. ‘,.xcellent tyres, tonneau, etc., etc. Beautiful litti car. for connoisseur. £275. Borer 75 2,1-litre Sports 2-seater. in perfect mechanical condition. 8 : 1 Cr. Axle 3.9, Spare 4.1. Triple S.O. eatburettens. Aero-screens, hood, tonneau. etc., etc. A revelation in riding comfort with Rover quality. Bodywork by Abbey. Panels, all aluminium. 100 mph., with genuine 25 m.p.g. Any trial. £355. Some private 11.P. if required. Knight, 328, Stratford Road. Shirley, Birmingham. 11957

41-LITRE LAGONDA tourer. Beautiful condition. Recent extensive overhaul. Heater, radio. Offers around £225. Tel.: Pillory 8070. [1059 S.S.1R close-coupled coupe, 1933. Extensively restored and in very good condition throughout. £125, o.n.o.. or would exchange Ford Special. Robinson, 27, Plough Lane, Purley, Surrey Tel.: UPI2812: (1990

RILEY. KESTREL 14/6. Privately bought for rebuilding, which is not quite completed. Engine completely overhauled, much woodwork replaeed, hod’s. -sound but uneompleted. Part sprayed, paint available. Spare 12/0 block and many major chassis. and engine spares. Owner tired. £45. Tel.; Riley, EEC 0276. (1961 ENGINE, complete with all electric’s, clutch and gearbox, rear axle, four road wheels, front hubs and brake gear. Ex-Triumph Roadster 2,000, good condition. Nearest £100, or will Split. Retitle, Shangrida, Batik Road, Wellington, Shrove:hire, 11962 FORD ./JEPHYR, 1951, moderately damaged, stripped for lus.pectios; £190. Austin A40 van, 1958, crashed off side, drive away: £145. Austin A59 Cambridge, good mechanically, body damaged; £375.Hardwick House, ‘Studley, Warks. Tel,: Studley 521. 11963 ASTON MARTIN. late 1933, 2.1iire ealoon, good condition. £23O,. o.n.o. Weekends. 9, Highland

Croft, Steyning, Sussex, Tel.: 3309. 11964 APRILIA.. Bonnet, hoot lid, Lank, body Parts. Riley Nine block, mug.. etc. S.A.E. Lowe, May Lane, Hollywood, Birmingham. Wythal1.2022. (1905 CITROEN LIGHT FIFTEEN. 1048. French. Breaking. 9-volt electric:, State requirements, sac. please. Carroll, 78, Dorset Avenue, Chelms ford. [1970 ROVER EIGHT, 1922, twin-cylinder air-0°10d engine, running order, chassis and wheels. £10, or exchange Talbot spares. Roth-it wanted. 75, Manor Road, Loughliewough, Leics. (1973 M.G. PA, 1934. Recent engine overhaul. new hood. £120. Wilkins, 176, Goddington Lane, Orpington. 11974 41-LITRE MEADOWS ENGINE for sale Governntein surplus, rebenditioned. R. J. sale, Co., Ltd., Baker Street, Weybritlge, Surrey. [1077 MORGAN PLUS FOUR 2-seater, first registered 1954. Modest mileage, excellent throughout. £475. Box No. 1973, Morox SeORT, 16, City Road, E.C.1. [1976 FIAT 600. Pale grey, smell mileage. Spot-lamps, screen-washers, etc. Aug., 1955, as new. £555 or near offer. Box No. T979, MOTOR SyORT, IS, City Road, E.C.I. [1979 LOTUS MK. VI, 1955, 1,172 Formula modified. 6,000 miles. Full Weather equipment. Smart finish, luxurious inter-,r. 4550. 0.11.0. Box No. T980, MOTOR SrORT. 15, City Road, E.C.1. [1989

1934 B.S.A. 8.9-H.P. 4-seat tourer, broken ball race in engine, 420. 30, Edgehill Road, Sheffield. [19131

SUNBEAM DAWN engine spares. Praetleally complete engine less two Con.-rods, 4’20. 12, Wallace Drive, Groby, Leics. Tel.: Markfield 409. (1932 FOR IMMEDIATE DISPOSAL: The following engines, all in perfect condition : Two Villiers engines, 197 c.c., two-stroke, Type 197 ED; ccenplete with 3.speed-andweverse gearbox, 12v, dynastart and fan cooling. ‘Iwo .1.1..0. engines, 197 c.c., two-stroke, complete with 3-speed-andreverse gearbox, 12v. dynastart and fan cooli»g. One Villiers engine, 122 c.c., two-stroke, complete with 3.speed gearbox. Best offers to Box NO. T983, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Read, E.C.1, [1983

1930 MORRIS-COWLEY, Laid up •10:10-55, Works distnantlett. Offers. Wanted : Ancient Sexier,. Feller, I’ark Farm, Aylburton, Lydney, Glos. [1987 PA-TYPE 51.0. SPARES. Camshaft. 395. Aluminium water take-off. 155. 13sittom water mai, .8s. Exhaust manifold, 20s. J-t ype spares ; Exhamd inanifolil, 20s. Cylinder head will: valves, valve gear. earrisholt and vertical drive, Aluminium wa ter take•efl, 15s. Fit pen carburetters, 70s..; two die tom 30,..;, each; t we starter MO(01,, £3 eXelt: dynamo, £5. Phillips., lloy Ina, -South Berilleet, [1983 FOR SALE—continued

FORD 30-H.P. V8 motor, in good condition, 05. Two 6-cylinder standard engines, believed Avon Special 16 p.; what oilers? Greenwood, 119. Argyle Street, Leicester. 11 989 SKODA, 10 H.P. Good mechanical oaldition. All four•wheel independent suspension. Body needs some attention. £75. Perris, 1165, Christcburch Road, Bournemouth, 1931 ALVIS 12/60 sports car, 2-seater. Wrin carburetters. etc. What oilers ? Box No. T991, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.L. [1991 DELAHAYE 135, 1037, 2/4-seater drophead coupe. Triple Soles, mattital box, oil rail., etc. Twin horns, spots. heater. New battery, two new Pirellis. Engine overhauled last 1,000. Very pretty car in excellent condition. Overseas post leg (orees sale. 4200, o.n.o. Box No. ‘15393, MOTOR SPORT. 15, City Road, E.C.1. (1990 SITTING IS BELIEVING: The new Cambray Motorist’s Personal Heater introduees new standards of comfort. 5 gns., at leading garages. or write for full particularS to Dept. GE, Cambray (Heaters) Ltd,, 6, Cambray Place, Cheltenham. (1904 S.S.100 SPARES 31 btu.). New Michelin and “beet, Make shoes od linings, bearing shells. ed Naives, brake .le,es, etc. All cheap. Tbomp ” ROW’an.” ten Lane: Taxuworth, (19)15 IWO LEA-FRS NCIS 12-H.P. 4-seater tourer. Re ‘ill. About (.75. Write : Mr. Jones River House School, Itetileydn-Arden, Birmingham (1990

RILEY NINE LINCOCK, 1933.. Resleeved standard. Manual box. Brakes relined. Excellettt condition. £110. 10, Oliver Avenue, South Norwood, S.E.25. (1907 M.G. ED li-LITRE -I-seater .clrophead, 121117 .,

very good crinclition. £155. Bexleyheath 6548.

irROLES-ROYOE, 25 1.P., 1930.An entbusCes car in amazing emelition, see front cover Vintage Car, April Also some spares for sale separately. Wood, 10, Musty”, Road, S.W.11.1.

ALVIS SALOON, 1933 Firefly. Recent engine overhaul, new tyreS 41111 battery, spare gearbox, rite. Body resprayed. Present owner 16 years. £95. Thorneywork, Hook-Norton (TeL: 282), (‘2004 near Banbury. RILEY FALCON 11-LITRE, 1935. Recent engine overhaui. Body/interior very good. Riley Club member going overseas offers this genuine bargain at £100, taxed. Comprehensive insurance available. Box No, Too, MOTOR SPORT, 16, City Road, E.C.1. 12063 ASTON MARTIN MK. II 1.c. 4-seater. Eeonernieal, fast, reliable. Powerful brakes. Good allround condition. £275. Scenes, 91, Nodes Drive. Stevenage. [2006

TREEN RILEY NINE—almost finished. Tubular chassis, non-independent suspension, torsion-bar rear, hydraidie brakes. Going cheap. Offers. Pullen, Lyt he Bank, Selborne. Banta. [2007 HANDBOOKS, WORKSHOP MANUALS, 190856: list sixpe,nre, inquiries stamp please. Catalogue 5(10 motoring publications, runepence. ‘)ray, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. [2093 AUSTIN SEVEN, 1932. Completely dismantled Springs lowered, recrinditioned engine. Many spare’s. £22, offers. Beeps, 56, Church Road, Worthing. [2004 ROVER SPEED TWEN’TY, 1934, maroon 4-door sports saloon. Three. SIis, Fine example of this rare model. £120, o.n.o. Tel.; Kings Langley 2804. (2019FAST I Super sports car in exCellent Condition1936/7 Jaguar. New hood and sidescreens. 22 m.p.g. £250, Carter, Remerton, Tewkesbury, Glos. Tel,: Overtmry 315. [2011

1923 BULL-NOSED MORRIS. 12 hill., with. Hotchkiss engine, converted sports body. 55 m.p.h., 24 m.p.g. Tow away. £20. galmar. Eadiett, Herts, Tel.: 5709.

(2013. 1930 RILEY NINE, running order. 06, or wo0u1k13.

dismantle. Jones, 0, Here Lane, Glastonbury. (2014. M.G. 3R2, 1933. Body fair, tyres fair. Replacement crankshaft. Sonic oil-pressure trouble. Owner

killed eying, wrest be sold. Tel.: Pinner 1824. [2015. BRISTOL 400 sports saloon, August, 1048. Black,

radio, heater. Perfect condition. £650. Any trial. Tel.: Stockton Heath 495 or Widnes 2749. (2017 PEUGEOT, 1955, idation wagon, nominal mileage. Four vett; phis 9 ewt. Complete, heater/denn5ter, windshield washers. £980, Tel.: Croydon 7213. PCVGEOT, 1955. 243 saloon. 2,000 miles. Hec.2tt el 11-?/ dellsiSTer. WIS. washer, bodixeats. Excellent con• &lion interior and exterior. 4875. Tel.: Croydoe 7213. FORD EIGHT, 1930. In running order. Pi!..2k?ilitt’: tasty. Liven:serf March. Insured Oetnker. £49. Foster, 201, Rainharti Road North, Dagenham 1202″‘ FOR SALE—continued 1923 FORD Model ” T ” Shooting Brake. 1:95. Box No, T442, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City ROad, London, E.C.I. 12442 ALVIS FIREFLY 1934 Sports Saloon 11.9. Just recellulosed black with new black p.v.c. top. Red hide upholstery and carpets. In excellent running order, good tyres. 4150. Owner purchased later model. Photograph and details on request to 27, St. Margarets Road, Bourne mouth. Tel.: Winton 5275. 12443 RAILTON. Houseful of students, must sell. Railton Straight Eight Saloon, 1936, reconditioned clutch, brakes, tuned, 25 m.p.g.. sound throughout. £.65. Talbot 21 Drophead. 1938. £55. Rover, 1933 14 Sports Coupe, £.30. Austin 12 1933 Saloon, new tyres and reconditioned engine, £30. Tel.: FLAxman 5950. 5, Redchile Gardens, S.W.10, (2447 M.(;. K1 engine complete hut dismantled. 1. type engine near ly complete. Gearbox (manual) to fit above engines. T front 3%il:

beam. .1 front and back axles (fitted Lockheeds). F chassis frame. K.F. prop shafts. Many more J, K and F spares’ too numerous

to list. S.A.E„ Farmer, 10, Delatnere Road.

Portsmouth. 12370 FAST MOTORING. M.G. 1933, .1.2, fitted reconditioned engine including new twin S.U. carburetters, finished B.R.G., chromium fittings, very attractive car, £110. Smith’s, 86, Chalk Farm Road, N.W.I. Tel.: GULliver 2767. [2371

RAILTON Tourer, 1936. Colossal performance. .490. Shinn, II, Springfield Place, 1.411$1.10W11. Bath, Tel.: 3940. (2372 AN ENTHUSIAST’S CAR, 1936 A.C. Drop head Coup6. Engine good condition. tel.: WELbeck 3609. Evenings. [2373 1939 STANDARD 811 Tourer. Recent new gearbox. steering and hood. 2 spares, 6 good

tyres, 29. St. Audrey Avenue, Bexleyheath. Kent. (2374

BENTLEY 3 Tourer, 1924. New clutch, brake linings. Marchal headlights, good battery.

basically sound but requires minor attention.

Seen Kent. .470 o.n.o. Box No. 1375. Moron SPORT, 15. City Road, London, E.C.I (2375 VOLKSWAGEN. 1950. Very good condition. Leather upholstery, spotlight. Windtone horn.

£265. After 6.30. 5, Oakfield Gardens, Beckenham. Tel.: 1672. 23

SPARES, 1934 Singer Le Mans. Balanced crank.

axles, electrics. ” Goodthought,” Chapped. Colchester. 12377

FRAZER-NASH-B.M.W., 1936 Saloon. Good condition, Going New Zealand, must sell.

First .4100, 9, Butts, Coventry. Sc!.: 64287. 12378 V8 SPECIAL. 1947. 100 m.p.h., professionally built. good condition, Ideal touring or

£175. Tel.: Iver 581. 12379 1951 ALLARD P.I Saloon, in first class condition, bodily and mechanically. .£325. J. C. aylor, Riseley., Bedford, Tel.: Riseley 228. (2380

M.G. P.A. Dismantling for spares, also sonic I.A. spares. J. C. Taylor, Riseley, Bedford. Tel.: Riseley 228. 12380a FOR SALE—continued 1948 4-scat Drophead Allard, .4230. 1952 n ft. Berkeley Consul Caravan, fully equipped. £330, Box No. T38I. Mown Soma. 15, City Road, London. PC , 12381 FAKING DELIVERY new perambulator. Must sell 1937 (imported) B.M.W. Foursome D/ head Osumi, type 319. Excellent mechanically, good tyres, battery, hood waterproof. Fitted heater bar. Lubrocharger. Good performance, maximum oil preSsure. No Smoke. £140 or nearest offer, Exchange small saloon or motor cycle considered. Williams, I, Clarendon Place, Brighton. Tel.: 22596. 12382 £15 OR OFFER. B.S.A. SCOW. Suitable spares. Write, 34, Glenferrie Road; St. Albans. 1235i,

FOR SALE—continued

RILEY TIMING GEARS, new, for camshafts of early engines (flat type), I5/each. Recond.

dynamos 12/6 type, £4. New, very light 9 h.p. pistons plus .005. I0/each. We carry a very large stock of pre-war Riley spares. Arthur Bottlers, 101, Wellington Road, Leeds, 12. Tel.: 638310/638625. 12383 1939 AERO (Czechoslovakian), £125. Drophead C.oupd, 18 h.p. 4 cylinder 2 stroke. L.H.D.. F.W.D. £70 recently spent on engine. No time wasters. Exchanges considered. 83, Ferryinead Gardens. Grcenford, Tel.: WAX 2699, [2384

CROSSLEY 2 litre Silver Six Sports Saloon. Under 60,000 miles, Similar 16/80 Lagonda. Mechanically excellent, fast, impressive, economical. P100s, Rudge wheels, Scintilla, ENV box, £65 or offer, must ‘sell. S. Kings

Avenue, Ca rshalton Beeches, Surrey. el.. Wallington 2784. [2385 TALBOT’S. 65 and 90, 1934. 1.75 each. Also many -spares. Bishop’s Born Farm, Wood inancote, Nr. EmswOrth, Hants, 12387 SINGER Le Mans, 4-seater Sports. New hood, sidescreens. Reconditioned engine, brakes. Fast, reliable. £95. Rowans, Hempstead

Lane. Redbourn. Herts. ‘tel.: 438. 12388 LEA-FRANCIS SPARES. 4141T cylinder block.

also crankcase unit. Valves, gaskets, etc. Radiator for 1927 12/40. Many other spares. Riley, 46, Foxgrove Road, Beckenham, Kent. Tel.: BEC 0565. (2389 FOR SUNBEAM 24 h.p. Complete and un used toolkit in original tray for boot: various interior fittings for saloon, all original and in excellent condition. Enquiries or offers to Box No, T392, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, London, E.C.1. (2392 HEADLAMPS, vintage, acetylene, Lucas. front, excellent condition. £5 pair. Lee-Browne, Rendeomb, Near Cirencester, Glos. [2391 16/80 LAGONDA 2/4 seater Roadster, com pletely rebuilt short time ago at cost of 41,200. Fitted Lucas P100 headlamps, Hartford shockers, finished Bugatti blue, new hood, sidescreens and tonneau cover, 5 nearly new tyres. The whole car is in 1955 condition and is the finest Vintage Lagonda in the country. 4285 or very near offer. Cash or terms. Shoreham Autos. 80. Old Shoreham Road, Shoreham-by Sea. (Tel.: 3412/3.) 12393

SUPERB 4 str. Mk. 2 Aston Martin. Chromard liners, special crank, late type rods, full oil pressure hot. Transmission, brakes, etc., just overhauled, Fast, wonderful roadholding, braking. 27 m.p.g. £275. Box No. 1394, MOIOR SPORT, 15, City Road. London, E.C.I.

12394 RILEY II, 1936, special coachbuilt D.H.C., 4 seater -very attractive car well maintained, worth inspecting, Excellent tyres, taxed. £160.

3, Lemsford House, Lemsford, Welwyn Garden City. Tel.: Welwyn. Garden 4110. [2395 1933 ROLLS ROYCE 20/25 Park Ward owner driver 6 light Saloon with division. li,M.V. radio, heater, engine heater, excellent tyres, battery, mascot. Immaculate condition. Private owner, £350. Stewart, Little Wood, Park Road, Camberley. Tel.: 735. 12396 IPANHARD LEVASOR 20.9 h.p. Chassis bought Olympia 1929, Jannson France 7 Pass. Limoukine; One owner. everything original, genuine mileage 63,000. £225 o.n.o. Creasey, (it, North Road, Knebworth, Herts. Tcl.: Kneleworth 3377. [2397 ALV1S SILVER EAGLE. 1932, running order. Hillman 16. 1935, good condition. Would exchaoge latter for special. Dareroft Garage, [sir. Rod min, Cornwall. 1 el.: Cardinham 238. [2398 .ALVIS 13.2 lip, Firebird Saloon. Exceptional

throughout. Complete overhaul by Alvis Ltd. 10,001) mileX ago. £240. Receipts available. Owner wishes sell £195. willing haggle or part exchange MG. IC., Riley Imp or similar. Lt. Cdr, Ea.ston, Royal Naval Barracks, Ports,. mouth. Tel.: 211 7. 12399

ROESCH TALBOT ” 75.” Exceptionally pretty 4 door Sports Saloon, Very. attractive appearance and condition. £105. Richmond. 61, Stackpool Road. Southville, Bristol, 3. 12400 ONE OWNER from new, 25.3.34. Immaculate.. rare Drophead Foursome. Peach/black Armstrong 12 h.p. New hood, tyres, instruction handbook. About £85. 10, Eastbrook Road, Greenwich. Tel.: 0772. [2401

AUSTIN SPECIAL. Bugatti type body. Ex.

Works de-supercharged engine. Ultra close racing box. Outside exhaust and brake, £80. Seen Oxford. Box No. T402, MOTOR SPORT. 15, Cite Road. London. E.C.I. 12402

1917 AUSTIN Chummy Tourer. Excellent condition throughout. Spare engine and gearbox, £40, Barry, I, Connaught. Road, Elect. Hants, 12403 ROLLS ROYCE 1926, P.1 Windover Open Tourer, blue, mascot, polished discs, new hood, batteries. Good tyres, taxed. £275 or offer. Also 1925 P.1 Barker Landaulette. Good tyres. £50. The two £300 or Offer, Johns. Studley, Camphill Road, Worcester. Tel.: 4075 [2404 BENTLEY 4.8 litre rear axle, less shafts. Slab

tank. Wanted: 3 litre water pump. dill, back plate. ‘Cole, Melrose Cottage, Barrington. Cambs. [2405 F5LAZELNASH-B.M.W., 1937, type 329 Cabriolet. excellent condition. f175 o.n.o. II, Chester Avenue, Twickenham, Middx. Tel.: Felthath 2150. [2406 RILEY 12 h.p. Saloon, 1940 model. Exceiknt

condition inside and out, new tyres, radiator. battery, etc. Loose covers fitted. Taxed and insured. Nearest £235. 2. Coniston Road. Tettenhall. Staffs. 12407 SUPERCHARGED 195/3 Minor Convertible, lined latest s.v. engine, showlinished Marshall, thermostatic electrie fan, foanirubber seats. twin wipers; extra spare: chains; mechanically perfect, paintwork good, performance delight ful; selling to acquire iojeiro. Offers. tel.: Clandon (Surrey) 4. 12408 M.G. J.2 engine Complete, twin tfarbs.. clutch, all accessories, 1.500 m.p.g. £311. Pound. Rut

land Hall, Loughborough, 12409 VOLKSWAGEN, 1947. Good condition. £310 o.n.o. Pemberton. 20, Gatt:ortibe Road, N.19. Tel.: ARC 7228. (2410 BENTLEY, 1937 43 litre. D.H.C. Superb appearance, Mechanically excellent. Body two tone grey with blue interior is unmarked. Radio. heater. £685 o.n.o. Archbell. Nude

House., Notton, Wakefield. 12411 ALFA-ROMEO. 1,750 s/c 2 seater. Detective clutch. otherwise sound. 1190 o.n.o. ” Rendre,” Ruddington, Notts. [2412

BENTLEY SPEED SIX: rebuilt in 1936 and fitted with a lovely four light, four door closecoupled Sportsman’s Saloon body and ” D” hog, Engine now being reconditioned by Lay. stall with triplex chain camshaft drive. £555 or offer. Box No, T413. MOTOR. SPORT, 15. City Road, London. E.C.I. [2413a TALBOT 75 Sports Saloon, 1933. 165. Tel.:

Warminster 2154. 12414 APRILIA, registered August, 1939, excellent condition. E325, Exchange good 2 litre or M45R Lagonda, Cush adjustment, Murphy. ” St. Louis.” kadlett Road, Watford. [2415 KESTREL 9, 1934, good condition, tyres, battery. £150 or exchange for larger or utility with cash adjustment. 11, Hunts Close. Writtle, Chelms ford. [2416 £25. 1928 Citroen 12 Saloon. Sound bodywork, tyres, engine fair. Exchange 1934 Austin 7 Richards, 48, Highfields Road; Chaseto?vn. [2417 IDEAL RALLY CAR! 1937 Ford 10, Con. vertible four seater. £95. 36, Derwent Drive, Dallington, Northampton. 12418 1931 MORRIS MINOR McEvey Special. Two seater, 1932 s.v, engine, excellent condition. Over £100 spent in past year. 5,000 miles since major overhaul, very good tyres, acceleration. £59/10/or offer, Tel.: Colchester 3055 during day, or write Brend. Sandon. Chapel Road, Fringringhoe. (2419 R.R. 20.25. Handbook XVI 1937(7) in exchange for CitiOst 1924 or Phantom 1 handbook. Wanted: offers of these two types of cars at low prices. Box No. T420, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road. London, E.0 .1 . [2420

T.A, M.G. Recent expensive chassis overhaul. Engine rather tired, partly dismantled but tornOtte except for body. .C40 vele), Seovell. Hamby, Newark, Notts. (2421 £10. AUSTIN 7 Tourer. 1927. Minus crown’ wheel, good body, engine. Towable. We usually have a few decent post 1930 Austin ls and Morris M Mors at around £25. Inunediate insurance. Why not drop tic a line? Lloyd ” Greenacres,’• Else Ashes. Nr, Mayfield, Sussex, or ring Hadlow Down 381. 12422 1937 TALBOT 10 Sports, good condition, engine and brakes overhauled. Good hood and tyres £175. 40, Sewall Highway. Wyken, Coventry. [2423 TALBOT 75 1937/38 Saloon. Excellent condition throughout. Any trial. £150 o.n.o. 16. St. Peter’s Gide, Thurnscoe, Nr. Rotherham. [2424 14/65 TALeur SunseloOn. Engine rebuilt, new tyres, daily use, reliable, Offers. 188 Poi/et-est Road. PdttS Wood.12434 1951 JAVELIN de luxe. Low mileage. Immaculate throughout, For TR20 cash adjustment. Box No. T438, Morrie SPORT, 15, City Road, London, E.C.1. 12438 CARAVAN as new, never been used eine to unforeseen circumstances, Luxury 22 ft., all conveniences, three rooms, 11. Se c. water. Specially built to fastidious specifications by very old established caravan concern, Value £1,650. Owner wishes to exchange for XKI40 E.11. Coupe ‘special equiptnent model or similar car. Box No. T439, Motion SPORT, 15, City Road. London. E.C.I. 12439

SPARES! SPARES! SPARES! We are now breaking 200 Ora: 1946 Austin 8 van; 1946 Standard 12, ex-W.D.: 1933 Hillman Minx; 1933 Lanchester 10; 1937 Vauxhall 14; 1936 Singer 12; Morris Cowleys; Morris Minors: Austin 7s; 1937 Renault 12; 1934 Vauxhall 14: 1934 Wolseicy Hornet; 1937 Dictator; 1935 Hudson 16: 1935-7 Buick 30.8; 1933 Standard 8.9 and L.9 and many others; Open 7 days a week, 8 to 6 p.m. Tel.: LAD 5203. SAP to Spares, 5, Hazel Rigid, London, N.W.I0. 12328

1938 TRIUMPH Dolomite, 13.75. Good engine and tyres, clean body., drive away, Snip. £150, Tel.: LAD 5203, 8 till 6 p.m. [2329 ALLARD Tourer, 1948. New engine June. resprayed December, new tyres, battery, P.V.C. hood. £235 Or H.P. Hall, 12. Little Crabtree, Crawley, Sussex. Tel.: Crawley 588. [2333 RILEY NINE Gamecock, sports, Engine. ‘completely reconditioned 1955. E130 o.n.o. Tel.: Aslitead 2830. [2339

FOR SALE—continued ROLLS P. II, 1933, sports sedanca. Recent top overhaul, new valves, good tyres. Beautiful lines. Seen/tried London. 000 for quick .sale. Box No. T021, MOTOR SPORT, t5, City Road, E.C.I. /2021 RAILTON STRAIGHT EIGHT saloon, 1935. Carefully maintained, good condition all round. 4110. Owner looking tor drophead. Salter, Manor

1)3k:het, Bucks: Datchet 442. [2022 M.G. TA (1939). Engine sound, using no oil (15,000 since rebore, new bearings); 80 plus m.p.h., but needs new S.a.S. for comfort. Body just reeellulesed, interior Only fair. Three good tyres. 4175. 115, Stagsden Road, Broinham, Bedford. , [2023 ” MOTOR 8roRT,” 1038 to 1950, in five bound volumes; 1951 to 1954 loose. Offers. Tel.: Hurst was’ 4154, a f ter 6 p.m. London area.— buyer collects.) [2024 SUNBEAM TWENTY-FIVE, OA,r.w. broken; good tyres. engine; gearbox, splines. Drivable. 1933. Spitler, 247, Stanstead Road, 12025

FOR SALE—continued 1892 MERRIWEATHER STEAM fire engine, in, working eondition, show piece or veteran. West Shore Lido, Llandudno, N. Wales. 12028. ’39 M.G. TA. excellent condition. (260. 22, TheLarches, Paltners Green, N.13. Tel.: PAL 8062. [2027′ M.O. .12 migine-gearbox (4-speed) cOrriplete, carb., dyno., starter, 420. NVorton, 6. Highfield Road,

Colley Gate, Cradles% Staffs (2029.

1928 LANCHESTEB, 22.8 H.P.,,saloon. in sound condition. Who will save this grand car from the breakers and its owner from eternal damnation A. Vince, 53, Beacon Way, Banslead, Surrey. Tel.: Burgh Heath 746. [2030M.G. PA, all engine parts, clutch, carlis., starter, etc: limoiries, offers, to : Fixsen. Magdalene College, Catribridge. (2031 AUSTIN A70, 16 11.P., engines, used. Working order. Crimplete with accessories. Ideal for ” special ” or replacement Unit. 4,22 10s. Overstrand Motors Ltd,, 62, Cottage ‘Grove, London,

S. W.9. Tel.: Brix ton 2330. 12036.

R01.3.5-ROYGE AND BENTLEY. Carefullychosen stock of Twenty, TWenty-five and 8)-litre saloons. Also a particularly good Phantom III. J. B. B. Adam’s, Great didding, Huntingdon. Tel.: Winwick 216. [2037 RILEY FALCON 1)-LITRE. Very good all round. No snags. First 490. Taxed. 14, Strensall Park,

York. 12038 1929 .CINNO toisrer. Perfect order. New hood. etc. Spares obtainable. 490, o.n.o. Tel.: Ames. bury 2141. [2040. £45, O.N.O.—SUNBEAM Twent y-live sports,

saloon. Tel.: Balham 5705, after 7 P.m. 12041.

FOR SALE-continued

FORD 10-H.P. ENGINE, complete with supercharger, Manifold, four-branch exhaust, I t in. dia. S.U., dynamo, starter, distributor coil, battery, etc., ex. con. Low mileage. E.N.V. lb gearbox. Offers. ” Rel,” 64, Wellington Road, Hampton Hill. Tel : MOL 5529. 12277 M.G. KD SALOON, Preselector box and spare. Good condition, but requires attention to petrol gauge and handbrake. £75. Box No. 1-278,

MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. 1’2278 TRIUMPH 2,000 ROADSTER, 1949. Apple green. Superlative condition. £90 overhaul 1955, Posted Cyprus. Nearest £390. Sgt. France. R.E.M.E., 7, Clarks Cottages, Roydon, Harlow. Essex. (2280 FRAVER-NASH B.M.W. 319 cabriolet, late 1936. £120, or exchange 8/10-11.p. car. 48, Norman Road, Newhaven, Sussex. Tel. : NEW 152. LOTUS FORD, medium tune, twin zenith, : axle, unfinished; run but unregistered. Joie Longlands, Gannxlen, Glos. I2283 SIMCA ARONDE, 1055. 6,000 miles. Grey with red leather. £750 Simca• Grand Large, 1955. 9,000 miles. Green/grey. c.850. Fiat 600C, 1955. 7,000 miles. Light blue. £540. All one owner cars in immaculate condition. John Foxall’s Garage, 45, Underhill Street, Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Tel. : 2270. (2285 THE RILEY SPECIALISTS, Wesbell Motors, Balfour Road, Hounslow. Tel. : 9359. Now offer the following exceptional service. Exchange road springs, clutch plates and brake shoes for all models. Engine overhauls carried out, to manufacturer’s specifications. Preselector and overdrive gearboxes overhauled. Speed tuning carried out. New and secondhand spares in stock for all models. Free technical service, and all letters

answered bv return of post. (2286 1936 AUSTIN 12/4 saloon. Wife now agrees to sell old faithful. Good condition. New tyres. £75, or exchange something sporty. Tel. : DER 0230. [2287 AUBURN SUPERCHARGE EIGHT saloon, 1936. Unmarked, genuine 45,000 miles; new Marchal headlamps, 90 m.p.h. unblown, history available /95. Austin Healey 100, 1954. Duo blue, radio, heater, screenwash, s. eial dash, electric clock, loose covers, etc. 14,111 miles only. £695. Ford Prefect drophead, 1940. Reconditioned engine, new hood, recellulosed. £165. Austin Seven saloon, 1934. Tidy, drive away. 425. Many others, terms, exchanges, etc. Cardinal Motors, Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford. Tel. : 4344. (2288 FOR SALE-continued 1936 FORO 10-H.P. modified C-type 2-seater spot t. N.’w hood, sidesereens. Fast, rakish car. Suitahle t: ials or road work. £55. 35, Leighain Avenue. -freatham. Tel.: 3129. (22)37A

1931 3-LITRE LAGONDA saloon Engine complete overhaul by Davis 10.000 miles ago. Body fair; 20 m.p.g. on Manchester-Maidstone run. £125, or offer. ” Esmeree,” Tonbriclge Road, Teston, Maidstone. Tel. : Wateringbury 82364. (2289 VINTAGE SPECIMEN, 1028, 11 Lea-Francis tourer, 3-seater with dickey. Marvellous condition commensurate with genuine mileage 30,000. One owner until November. Stored 15 years. Warm, Weatherproof. Nearest £85. Sage, BromeSwell, Woodbridge. Tel. : Eyke 205. 12293

FOR SALE-continued BENTLEY SPEED SIX. Caret silly maintained Coachwork by Freestone and Webb. Leather seating in sportsman’s coupe body. Laid-up in heated garage for five years during war; small mileage for age of car. Recently overhauled by expert. Sound in every way. Ready to drive away for any journey. Owner nOW farming and would exchange for new land Rover. Cash price required £400, or very near offer, with extra tyres, tools, etc. Apply : ‘Burrow, 30, Park Square, Leeds 1. Tel. : 26689. (2290 TALBOT 105, 1933, Carlton coupe. Blue/blue leather. 71.000 miles. HanclbOok. Owner ftoin, abroad March. Photo supplied. £80, delivers to purchaser. Ashley, Braithviell, Rotherham., 12201 A VERY GOOD 1932 Humber Snipe tourer. FOur new tyres. Many new parts fitted. Haggling at. £08. P. Commit,” Nethereote,” Totteridge Lane,

High Wycombe, Bucks. (2292 TC M.G., 1947. Oversize rears, full tonneau. 4300.

9, Snnningdale Road, Chelmsford, Essex. [2294 HYPER LEA-FRANCIS. Engine running but not quite roadworthy. Best offer under £50. Worthington, Vale Lodge, Colnbroolc, Bucks. 12295 ARE YOU BUILDING A SPECIAL? May we help ? Austin Sevens : Lowered suspension, £3 10s., similar to Ulster tYpe, rears flattened approx. 4 in., front spring set with in. reverse camber, beam cranked; no other modifications needed. Machined c/heads., 15s; lightened flywheels: 10s. Enlarged inlet valve conversion, £2 lax; four special inlet valves supplied; remove. valves and tappets not studs. Send block with. head. Rectifying enlarged h.p. eyes, 41; i.f.s. for saloon or special, 48-49. Carriage extra. Bowden Eng. Co., Ottery St. Mary, Devon, Tel. : 391. (.2296, £72 10s. 1939 B.S.A. SCOUT open sports 4-seater. Inunaeulate condition; hood and screens perfect. excellent runner. W. Ii. Barnes, IC, Vernier Road, Sydenhant.Tel, : 7469. (2299. VERTICAL DYNAMO 12V. for M.G. or Wolseley Hornet. Sound. £3 10s. Barnes, IC, Veneer Read, Sydenham. 12,297 E28. 1934 HILLMAN MINX saloon. Clean andl good runner. W. Barnes, IC, Veneer Road,

Svdenham. Tel. : 74139. (2208. 1935 WOLSELEY HORNET 14-h.p. Special. EW drophead coupe. In good condition. Fourexcellent tyres. Brakes recently relined. Many extras. £120, o.n.o. 16, Abbots Green, Addington..


DISMANTLING M.G. NA Magnette. All spares Including four good wings, body shell, fold-flat screen, reconditioned dynamo. Also .12 cylinder block StecVert to standard complete with pistens. J2 heati-minplete. Tel. Uxbridge 20439. 12801

8TH SERIES LAMBDA, running but Farina body rough. Good tyres. 4:35. Austin Ruby, daily rise. TranSinisSion noisy. (35. Sharratt, 12, Spring Lane, Mapperley Plains, Nottingham.

(2304 1938 B.S.A. SCOUT COUPE in an exceptional general condition; recelOtedaccounts for Major Overhaul may be inspected. £139: London Cars, 592/506, Greenhard Road, Greenford, Middlesex. [2305 1934 ALVIS FIREBIRD. Brakes relined, new cables, clutch overhauled, good oil pressure, body rough. Taxed. /:50, o.n.o. 8, Bromley Street, Derby. [2306 CITROEN, 1934 SALOON. Excellent body and mcchaliis perfect. £35. Tel. : Brixton 4001. [2313 ROLLS TWENTY, 1927, fitted replica 4-door pillarless sports saloon in 193$ by Southall Motors. In excellent order. 1251. Taxed. Tel. : Bransgore 450 (Hants.). (2307 M.G. TC, 1949, black. Engine rebored. steering and gearbox overhauled, new hood; bodywork very good. Excellent performance: 30 m.p.g. (800 Barlow, 40, twinge Road, Birmingham 31. (2308 1930 12/50 “LEVIS BEETLEBACK. Good body and mechanically sound. 4110. Tel. : Esher 5106. [3315 H.R.C. 1,100, 1950. B.R.G. Execilent running. order. Tyres as ne*. Brakes relined. £380, o.n.o. Cleland, a, Challoner Mansions; ChalloPer Street, 1V.I 4. 12309 LAGONDA. 2-LITRE SPEED tourer, 1931. Any trial 6130. 50, Christchurch Road, Sidcup: [2303 1899 PEUGEOT. Awful cnnitition. Just discovered in farmyard. Bits and pieces all there. £35. Buyer deflects. Tucker, Cross Keys Fish Cafe, Devizes, Wilts. (2310

FORD VS DROPHEAD COUPE, 1039. Ex’ cellent cellulose, chrome, tyreu, battery and mechanically. Nearest £125. Mrs. Watson, “Clay Tiles,” Overdown -Road, Bognor, Sussex.

Tel. : Bognor 2520. 12311 ASTON MARTIN Ii-litre Mk. 11 saloon. Maintamed In top condition. Seen London. £350, 0:11.0. Hearn, 79, Harcourt Road, Bushey, Herts. Tel. : Bushey Heath 2052. l2312 1938 LAGONDA VII Very pretty, short chassis, drophead coupe. British Racing Green. Fitted heater, radio, etc., titled owner. 0175. Terms and exchanges. Boundary Garage, Aylsharn Read, Norwich. Tel. 28003. i2310 FOR SALE—continued ERSKINE STARIDE. 1954 (cost £850 new), 500.c.c. twin-cam Norton, superlative condition. Preser t engine approximately 600 miles in one season’s racing which included : Brands Hatch, 1st. Juniors : Silverstone, 1st. Chester Sprint, ltd. Silverstone 100-mile, 3rd, against Leston and Headland. Price £365. Molyneux West & Co., Ltd., Flixton Road, Urmston, Lancs. Tel, : Urmston 2771. [2039 VINTAGE AUSTIN 12/4 tourer, 1923. New hood just fitted, brass radiator and fittings. Coachwork in beautiful condition and recently repainted. First seventy pounds. Hirst, Tarn House, Wyke, Bradford, Yorkshire. [2042 S.S. CHASSIS. Building “special ” but insufficient time to complete. (Engine and tyres in excellent condition.) 165, 0.0.0. J. R. Tucker, Officers’ Mess, R.A.F., Marham, King’s Lynn, Norfolk. [2043 M.G. TC, 1,300 C.C., Stage I. Black/red upholstery. Recond. engine. 9,000 miles. Oversize rears, heater, flashers, sports coil, sealed-beam headlights, late-type carbs., new road springs, etc. Excellent cond. Never raced. £410. Tel.:

SPR 3206, after 6 p.m. (2044 WOLSELEY 18-H.P.-1938. Breaking up, all parts for disposal. Matthew’s Garage, Windleshain. Tel.: Bagshot 2158. [2050 LEA-FRANCIS 12/40 open 4-seater, 1930. Condition : mechanical superb, bodywork immaculate. £140, o.n.o., includes hood, sidescreens, tonneau, spares. Russell, 167, Wallwood Road, London, 6.11. (2051 ALVIS SPEED TWEN’TY-FIVE, 1038, saloon. Regularly serviced by makers, extremely reliable, fast. £150. Tel; Putney 4138. (2052 BENTLEY, 1926, 3-LITRE fixed-head coupe. Very good ‘condition. Offers to Box No. TO54, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. (‘054 LUCAS MAGNETO for double-knocker Norton, new, 18. 13.T.1-1. snag., 500 J.A.P., 50s. 1 Atnal IOTT carb., as new, £5. Bronze head 500 Arid, 1039, £2. 25, Retinal Road, Ring’s Norton, Birmingham. (2059 RILEY KESTREL 1E-LITRE, 1935. Taxed, good tyres, battery, rewired. Good condition. £125. 4, Lower Road, Chorleywood. Tel.: Chorleywood 268. (2060

FOR SALE—continued FOR FORD Te;N : twin S.U. carbs., chromed induction and exhaust manifold complete. Ideal for” special “; £14. Also two 17-in. Morris Eight wheels, with almost new Pirelli tyres and tubes, ell D. A. Beare, Worth Hall Farm, Worth, near Crawley, Sussex. Tel.: Turners Hill 215. (2055 J2 M.G. Good runner, used daily, fair condition; 35 m.p.g. 170. Bennett, Champions Wharf, Riverside, Twickenham, Middlesex. Tel.: POP 5988, after 6.30 p.m. (2058 1928 DELAGE saloon. Fitted occasionals. Three owners from new. Original log book available. Any trial. £125 or near offer. Box No. T061, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (2061

PRIVATELY-OWNED A40 sports. Black. June, 1952. Heater and extras, Taxed, insured for year. 32 m.p.g., 05 m.p.h. cruising speed. Per’ feet condition. Three months’ guarantee given. f50)5. Box No. T062, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City

toad, E.C.1. [2002 DELTA-M.G., 1952, 1,460 C.C., nominal mileage. Flowed head special manifolds, Laystull crankshaft copper-lead-indium mains, rods, crank, flywheel balanced, engine unburstable, alloy radiator. Professional body. Eligible sports-car events. Standing quarter, 18.28 sec., in adverse conditions. Power curves available. 150 b.h.p./tOn. Recently stripped and rebuilt but owner now in Africa. A.A.(12.A.C. inspection welcomed. Ready immediate use, with trailer if required. £245, being under cost of material. Seen XL Service Station, Kingston Vale, S.W. Tel.: Kingston 8333. [2064 TALBOT 105-1936. Black saloon, good body and mechanical condition. £120, o.n.o. Box No. TO65, Movie SPORT, 15. City Road, E.C.1. [2065 E110-1932 M.G. 2-seater, excellent general condition. Upholstery, hood, battery nearly new, five excellent tyres, hydraulic brakes, spare engine, clutch, gearbox, steering assembly. Now running firm’s car sole reason sale. Tulloch, 95, River meads Avenue, Twickenham. (2066 ORIGINAL 760 AUSTIN Ulster. Genuine Ulster engine, fitted Cambridge he. head. New tonneau and hood. ” EROS remote change. 17-in. wheels with new tyres, also 19-in, available with tyres if required. Host of other spares, including complete hydraulic front-brake conversion kit. Complete etir rebuilt Nov., 1955, and perfect in every respect, finished in B.R.G. This car must be one of the smartest Austins in the country. £150. Wanted : PB M.G., excellent condition, without engine. Nicholson, Mere House, Hamble, Hants, Tel.: 2172. (2067

WEBER 361)03 CARBURETTERS for sale; all Jets and chokes available; £5 each. Quantity Alfa-Romeo 6c/2500 and 6c/2300 spares available. Also old Asdocourse and American magazines. Piper, 2, Smith Lane, Thomey Island, Hants. ALLARD, late 1939, short-chassis 2-seater, Mercl2ry engine with Scintilla magneto. Rudge Wheels. Fully equipped. A good, fast practical car. £220. Tel.: MAR 8525, or Ball, 2, Irvine Road, Col chester. [2069

1934 RILEY NINE. Good mechanical condition; body very rough. £30, or will break up for spares. Box No. 1070, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (2070

CITROEN LIGHT FIFTEEN roadster, Ion. Excellent condition, resprayed, new P.V.C. hood, rechromed, brakes relined, at cost of £150. Twin carburetters. Very fast, comfortable ride. £250, o.n.o. Dr. Probyn, Churchinford, near Taunton. [2071 RILEY, 1938, 1E-LITRE Victor saloon. Overdrive, freewheel, heater. New battery. Tyres sound. Best offer over £100. Sinclair, 74. Manley Road, Manchester 16. (2076 VINTAGE “T” FORD, 1924, saloon. Standard 1922 tourer. 32, Rolls Lane, Norwich. [2077 8.15-1929 MORRIS-COWLEY coupe, sound but neglected. No reason for sale. Box No. ‘1’992, MOTOR SPORT, 15. City Road, E.C.1. [1992 WOLSELEY FOURTEEN rear spring, one radiator muff, 1937 model. One camshaft with bearings, VA M.G. le-litre. £8 the lot. 101, Collinwood Gardens, Ilford. Tel.: CRE 1429. 12078 HUMBER 16/50 drophead, 1031, described April, 1054, M.S. 36,000 miles and two owners only. All tools and handbook. Six good tyres. Two good batteries. Twin S,U.s; 23 m.p g., 65 m.p.h. Car as new. Worth £150, but your offer secures. Morey, Tel.: Bishopsgate 4373, ext. 44, office hours. (2079 RILEY KESTREL SPRITE 27K. Overhauled engine, clutch, etc.: 40 lb. oil pressure. Fitted Scintilla, twin 5.1.13, wipers, windtone horns, spot, etc. Chrome and paintwork good. New interior head lining. Good tyres. 27 m.p.g., 80 m.p.h. Very cheap enthusiast’s car. £185: would consider suitable exchange. 47, March Street, Burn ley [2080 FORD EIGHT engine, just bored, £5. M-type engine parts, including crankshaft, cheap to callers. 11, Hall Road, Smallshaw, Ashton-under-Lyne,

Lane. (2082 M.G. TA SPARES. Block, springs, absorbers, linings. Automobile Engineer, 1010 onwards. 22a, Lyford Road, S.W.18. (2084 FOR SALE—continued AUSTIN SEVEN, 1935. Breaking for spares. All parts available. Cheap. Adamson, ” Windy. ridge,” liallmoss Lane, larainhall, Cheshire. Tel.: BRA 2807. [2083 ABSOLUTELY BRAND NEW Andre-Harford shock-absorbers, large type. Suit Bentleys, Mercs., Lags., etc. £2 each. Carriage extra. Box No, TO85, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [2085 1935 2.3-LITRE 8C s/c. Alfa-Romeo with corn. fortable full 4-seater Farina drophead coup* body. Most attractive lines and performance. 28, 13eresford Road, Birkenhead, or ‘tel.: Birken head 7806. (‘2091 UNFINISHED K3, KN engined, fibreglass body. Career forces sale. Potential £200 job for 05. Box No. TO92, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. [2092 1947 TRIUMPH 1,800 Roadster. Taxed and insured. Fitted new hood last November. Radio and heater. £360. Jewkes, 173, Fillongley Road, Meriden, near Coventry. Tel.: Meriden 281. [2093 CHEAP HEAP. 1935 Austin Seven. Neo-Gothic tourer foursome. Fantastic reliability. Sound throughout except flapping wing. £35 would console. Tel.: VAL 2778. [2094 RILEY NINE saloon, May, 1929. Excellent fabric exterior. Interior trimming as new. All original. £45. Westleigh Farm, Batheaston, Som. Tel.: 13511, 88831. (2095 M.G. 2-LITRE, 1937, coupe. Ex. all round. Recent engine. £100. or take rough Rapier or similar part exchange. 67, Shelson Avenue, Felthain, Middle’ sex. ‘ [2096 FORD GIRLING front axle, CoMplete with hubs and brakes. Sot ” Big Seven ‘• Girling-pattern brake shoes, new linings. Centric Type 260 blower with 2-belt pulley, perfect condition, suit 1E/2-litre. Offers. Cracknell, 62, Arden Oak Road, Sheldon, Birmingham. 12097 MERCEDES-BENZ, 1939, Type 230 saloon. Excellent condition. Original carpets. Handbook, radio, etc. 20 m.p.g. £275, o.n.o. Consider 4-berth caravan in part exchange. 42, Attestborough Lane, Chilwell, Notts. Tel.: Beesten 20-5509. [2099

FOR SALE—continued SINGER ENTHUSIASTS. 1937 Singer Le Mans 2-seater. Excellent condition. Engine rebuilt 1955. New hood, tonneau, tyres. 14, West Road, Loftus. (2267 £37 10s. ALVIS 4-seater drophead 13.2-Ii.p. Reg. 1935. Running order. 465 : 1937 D.K.W. 4-seater saloon. Engine needs attention. 4235 : Humber Snipe 16-h.p. Reg, 1946, New tyres. (150: 1940 Lancia Aprilia drophead 4-seater. <,,ira body. 412 10s.: Eergerson engine, similar Vanguard. Bacon, 130, Kettering Road, Northampton. (2268

1930 ” ULSTER ” AUSTIN. Engine just rebuilt. Body requires attention to detail. 4105, o.n.o. Rolfe, Orchard Cottage, College Road, Woking. (2269

FOR SALE—continued FRAZER-NASH TT, replica, 1935. 14.1itre Blackhurne engine and sloping radiator. Shelsley brakes and steering box. Very attractive car. 4300, o.n.o. Rolfe, Orchard Cottage, College Road, Woking. (2270

FOR SALE—continued DERBY F.W.D., runner. 4 ED Meadows reconditioned. New e.w. and p. Bt offer, or will break. R. CS. Watson, 22, Sycamore Avenue,

Boythorpe. Chesterfield. [2271 S.U. ELECTRIC PETROL PUMPS. Ten 12 volt, eight 6 volt. Guaranteed first-class condition. 42 each, postage ts. fld.: or C.O.D. Box No. 1272, NIOTOR SPORT, Ifs, City Road, E.C.1. [2272 DISMANTLED RILEY NINE, 1934, Kestrel. All parts good. Cheap, quick sale. Wanted any Riley literature. 33D, Barras Lane, Coventry.

[2273 LANCIA APRILIA. 4220. Well found 1937 model, complete and original. Sound, unrusted body. Extremely quiet engine uses virtually no Oil and maintains maximum pressure all times. No offers. (I, Reynolds Road, Hove Tel. : 39104. 12274 HORNET WINTER SALE. Clearance. Cranks, heads, gearboxes, drums, doors, etc. List. S.A.E. Hornet Spares Service. 14, Orchard Way, Luton, Beds. (2275 RILEY STELVIO. 1933. Mechanically good. Body damaged at rear. Repairable. £25, 0.0.0. 5, Manor Road, Chadwell Heath, Romford, Essex. (2276 £.30 OR OFFER, 1927 Fiat 509. Taxed..5 pares. Stabled near Aldershot. Box No, T279, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, 11.C.L (2279

FOR SALE—continued VINTAGE SUNBEAM 20.9, 1930, fixed-head coupe, four seats. 00, o.n.o. TeL: Haslemere (Surrey) 1370, after 8 p.m. 1.212 FREEHOLD COUNTRY GARAGE and Agricultural Works. Well equipped, scope for development. Attractive amenities. 62,300. Devon. Illness. Box No. TI30, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (2)30 1922 3-LITRE BENTLEY, mechanically sound. Re-registered 1937. Req.iires slight attention. 010. Details, Lindley House, Beach Road, Northwich. f’2131 M.G. TA Tickford body (minus seats and Instruments), bent chassis frame (repairable), rear springs, prop.-shaft, front Newtons (with brackets). Number other spares. Offers, Tel.: Woldingham 2198, after 7 p.m. (2132 A.C., 1040, drophead coupe. Excellent condition. Demister. Oil nil. 680 spent on engine, clutch, king-pins, bushes; bills shown. 000. 5, Kirby

Road, Blackpool (Tel.: 20452). [2133 FOUR ANDREX SHOCK-ABSORBERS complete with telecontrol to one pair. Cost 633. 625 or offer. 19, Bridge Gardens, East Molesey. (2134 M.G., 1936, 2-litre saloon. Engine needs attention but goes. Paintwork rough. 645 or offers. Henebery, 14, Lower Camden, Chislelturst, Kent. Tel.: Imperial 3092. (2135 BUCKLER, 1955, 3.000 miles. Fully equipped aerodynamic coachwork. All “moth.” to Ford Ten engine. Opportunity to purchase virtually new potent sports car for 6395. Tel.: Richmond 0475, evenings, weekends. [2138 RILEY NINE, 1932, Continental tourer, conversion to 2-seater unfinished New radiator, three new tyres 476/21. Considerable mechanical re conditioning carried out. Until crankshaft broke was in good running order. 630 or. Tel.: Tudor 1751. [2137

FOR SALE—continued ROCHDALE-BUCKLER, 1964, 1,172 Formula car with normal road comforts. B.C. head, twin S.U.s, 4-branch, Lotus wheels, 12-volt system, Alfa-red fibreglass body, tonneau, hood, Le Mans lights. Cared for like the baby that’s displacing it. Complete history, lap times. Start arguing 6335. Stamforth, 7, Featherbank Mount, Horsforth, Leeds. Tel.: Horsforth 3728. [2138 SINGER II-LITRE, 1935, 4-seater sports. M.G. F-type, 1933. Stuart, 12, Homestead Road, Kempshott, Basingstoke, Hants. [2140 ALVIS 20-H.P. spares in good condition. Engines, gearboxes and most other parts, including good saloon body. Reasonable offers taken. Busbridge, “The Orchard,” Wooburn Green, High Wycennbe, Bucks. [2141 £50—AUSTIN SEVEN Special. Lowered suspension. Cambridge Engineering body. Tonneau. Fold-fiat. Good condition. Box T142, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. f’2142 1937 ROVER FOURTEEN saloon, in excellent condition, exchange for sports car or sell, 060. 1932 Alvis 12/50 engine, complete lees electries, 05. 1938 Alvis Speed Twenty-five engine less cyl. head, gearbox and rear axle. Large stock of Alvis spares for all models. A. Langham & Sons Ltd., Walnut Street, Leicester. (2143

FOR SALE—continued ROLLS-ROYCE, 1934, 40150-1LP. Phantom 11, fitted close-coupled saloon by Fernandez and Darrin; eng. fitted high-lift camshaft. Car in really first-class condition, total mileage 94,000. 6275 N. Du-Rose, Ulceby Manor, near Alford, Lincolnshire. Tel.: Alford 3122. [2144 1937 OPEL SUPER SIX tourer, 655, o.n.o. Maywood, 189, Alexandra Road, Peterborough. Tel.:

3901. (2145 DISMANTLING 1935 TALBOT 14165. Reasonable prices. Tolman, 281, Cellbarnes Lane, St. Albans. (2148 LANCIA AUGUSTA, 1938, 035. Vauxhall, 1038, Fourteen saloon, 67,000 miles, very good order and appearance, 675. Alvis 4.3, 1937 chassis, post-war convertible body, excellent mechanically, 6195. Exchanges, terms. Write : 139, Croydon Road,

Ca terbarn, Surrey. (2147 HANDSOME HUMBER VOGUE Twelve 1934, sportsman saloon. Yours for £85, o.n.o. Excellent runner. Hignett, 82, Queen’s Road, Richmond. Tel.: Richmond 4754, after 7 p.m. [2148 1952 DROPHEAD MORRIS Minor, NPO 851. Alta o.h.v., twin carbs., multiple exhausts, etc. Extras and spares over 000. Probably fastest Morris in country, SO m.p.h. plus. 025. 3. Miles, Cuillow, Rustington, Sussex. [2149 ” MOTOR SPORT,” 1933-1945, 12 vols., bound, 10s. each. 96 lobs and Motor Racing from No. 1, 405. Autosport, vols. 1-11, unbound, 10$. each. Huge collection motor sport cuttings from A Writer, Motor, from 1933, including T.O.S.C., 65. The lot for 615; will deliver London area. Neal,

“St. Christoph,” Stansted, Essex. (2150 1926 ROLLS TWENTY brake, good condition Five almost new tyres and one new in wrapper. Robert Thwaites, Playing Place Garage, Truro. Tel.: Feock 238. (2151

FOR SALE—continued TIC/ GARAGE Weatherproof covers solve car

protection problem cheaply and effectively. For tree folder write, Southbourne Accessories (M.S.).

16, South Ealing Road, London, W.6 (2152 OELAGE, 1934, 2-Seater, d.h.c„ 4,050 c.c. Very good original condition; 18 m.p.g. Photos. 4100 or swap, WHY.? Tel.: EDG 1502, A. C. Buffery, 311, St. David’s Drive, Edgware, Middlesex.

(2158 *BREAKING HUMBER, 1926, 11.8. Sound gearbox and rear axle, f.w.b. Meals, 1034, 10.6, good engine. Vauxhall, 1936, 22-hp. dropheacl, sound rear axle. Triumph, 1934, crown-wheel and pinion. Austin Ten crown-wheel and pinion, 1939. The Forge, Green Lane, Hanworth, Middlesex.

(2154 ENGINE, Morris Eight Series H. excellent condition but minus head and flywheel. 48 10s. Tel.: Farningham (Rent) 2277. (2153 AUSTIN RUBY, 1934, engine complete with accessories, reconditioned block, new pistons, LayStall ground crank. 427. Four-speed box for above, 43. Front and rear axles-available and two wheels shod 4.50 by 17 almost new tyres, 44 each wheel. Box No. T1.36, MOTOR SPORT. 18, City

Road, E.C.1. (2156 4935 MODEL 3}-trrRE Park Ward Bentley saloon. Impeccable original condition, unmarked black cellulose, maroon hide interior. Mechanically faultless. Full equipment. Exchange post-war Sports car, saloon, or 4325. 1949 Lea-Francis coachbuilt shooting-brake, exceptional condition throughout. Riley green cellulose, leather interior; radio and extras fitted. 4235. Wych Engineering Co,. Station Garage, Droitwich Spa. Tel.: 3378. (2157 ‘MORGAN THREE-WHEELER SPECIAL for sale. Please write for full particulars. Church View, Watling Street, Wail, Lichfield, Stalls. [2158 dIORNET SPECIAL SPARES. 1934. Miscellaneous engine and chassis parts. all very sound. S.A.E. 73, Bakers Lane, Sutton Loklfield, Warwickshire, 12159 4-SEATER HOOD FRAME, fold-flat screen, -aeroscreens, spare wheel carrier, 18-in. M.G. centrespoked wheels, 124n. Lockheed hydraulic brakes, complete set-up for M.G. Singer Nine Le Mans cyl. head, front axle. S.A.E. 73, Rakers Lane, Surtbn Coldfield, Warwickshire. (2100 1933 TRIUMPH TEN front axle. sound, 42. 6,3a, Wembley Park Drive, Wembley: [2101 FOR SALE—continued SINGER NINE Le Mans, 455, excellent condition, 6,000 miles-since 4100 spent. Bills, photos, spares available—however no rear body. Time shortage forceS sale in Farnborough. Box No. TI02, MOTOR SPORT, 15. City Road, E.C.1. (2182 BUCKLER-FORD TEN. AlFenveloping kiddy, ifs., full weather equipment. 4300, o,n.o. S.A.E. details. Pottle, 39, Flamborough Road, Ruialip Manor, Middlesex, [2103 M.G. NA MAGNETTE, 1934. Body excellent, ntethinically sound. New hood, batteries, retreads, oil coil. Enthusiast’s dream for 4123. Smith, Herrington Orchards, Chipping Gameden Glos. (2164 MORGAN, 1938, 4-seater. Coventry-Climax. In really good condition, engine, front suspension, hack axle overhauled; fitushed in good red cellulose. 4226, 0.11.0:; 50% H.P. arranged, or part exchange Lancia Aprilia, Volkswagen or lively hard-top. 373, Beulah Hill, Upper Norwood s.g.19. Tel.: L1V 8991. (210fi 1936 ALVIS Silver Eagle sports saloon; 100% mechanically and bodily; many extras. Exchange open Fraser-Nash A.M., ‘Riley, Or sell, 4175, Bray, 377, Fislapcads Road, Bristol 3. [2160 SPARES AVAILABLE for A.C., Alvfs, Bentley, Lagoncla, Sunbeam, Rover, Singer, Morris, Austin, Ford, and most other makes. A. Fielding, Lerry Garage, Talvbatit. Tel.: 79. [2187 CYCLE WINGH(domed and beaded), steel. 5-in.,

64n. and 74n. (hi. each trouts, 135. ‘Tara. Also alloy. Carriage and packing 4s. pairs, 35. (RI. sets. W. G. Ferguson. Bath Road Garage, Nailsworth, Glos. [2108 B.M.W./FRASER-NASH„ Type $4, black saloon. 14-litre, 2-litre box. Complete overhaul 12,000. Oil pressure fair. New brake cables. Goexi tyres. Shabby rear seat. New covers front. 485, o.n.o. Seen (arelill area. Box No, -1.100, MOTOR SPORT, .15, City Road, E.C.1. 12100 DISMANTLING SINGER Le Mans, all partS available. Patio, 6, Fort Road, Halstead, Rent. Tel.: Sevenoaks 3709—evenings, weekends. (2101 DISMANTLING TRIUMPH DOLOMITE, all parts available. Paris, 0, Fort Road, Halstead, Rent. Tel.: Scvenoaks 37811—evenings, Week ends. (2101A TRAILER. welded steel Channel, hitch, brakett. corner jackl, low loader, capacity I ton, 430. View. XI_ Service Station. Kingston Vale. Tel,: Kingston 8333. (2105 FOR SALE—continued ALFA-ROMEO, 1930, d.h.c. 8-cylinder, 2.3-litre supercharged 24-seater, 4050, unmodified, in excellent condition. Also 1930 2-seater d.h.e. 6-cylinder 1,750-c.c. supercharged, long chassis,C2.50. Lord Ridley, Blagdon, Seaton Burn, Northumber land. (2102 OFFERED FOR SALE. A comprehensive selection of genuine Morris Minor 1952 spares. Rear axle 9/41. front suspension, etc. Detailed list supplied on Inquiry. This is an excellent opportunity for the enthusiast wishing to construct his own ‘ To Imake a favourable purchase :1y’L1″‘`L”Motosderrt°7:”.21bur,:6. , .:lounialnbge278 (2103 1955 VOLKSWAGEN de luxe, 17,000 miles, fuel, oil-temperature gauge and clock, screen-washers. Owner going abroad. Offers from 41100. Crease, Hinton Place, Hinton St. George, Somerset. Tel.: Crewkerne 292. [2104 LAGONDA 2-LITRE, 1932, 4.seater tourer. Good Interior. Sound, well maintained. Needs rebore to put in good condition. 4130, o.n.o. Page, 132, Derbyshire Lane, Stretford, Man chester. Tel.: Longford 1020. [2106 ALVIS 12/50 2-seater, with dickey, 445. Austin Chummy saloon, 1030, 422 109. Both sound and original. Pair i?100s, immaculate, 410. Booth, 33, Northgate, Huddersfield. (2167 1913 STAR tourer, original and perfect throughout. Instruction book and tools. . Genuine 11,000 miles. Stored most of Its life. 4195. Booth, 83, Northgate, Huddersfiehl. (2108 1937 1I-LITRE Type 40 Frazer-Nash cfonvertible 4-seater. Quantity spares, 1)01-35 Riley Nine, Including two SAL carb. head complete, 1047 Austin Ten engine. Targett, Upp•Woodford,

Salisbury. Tel.; Woodford 292. (2109 ROLES-ROYCE PHAN’TOM II, 1933, Continental by Hooper. Quite nice order throughout. 4150, or exchange-something smaller. 1624, Bristol Road South, Aednal, Birmingham. (2110 SUNBEAM 24-H.P.. 1933, cracked head, now c.w, & p., four k.o, wheels. 7.00 by IS Dunlops nearly new. 650 or would break for spares. S.S. jaguar. 1938, 2j-litre saloon, interior rough; believed to havebeen fitted with Mk. VII gearbox; 470 or would break for spares. Campbell’s Garage,

Main Street, Pembroke. (2111 1931 RILEY NINE, almost complete engine, 44. Malin. 11b. Clifton Park. Bristol. (2114 FOR SALE—continued

1916 MORRIS COWLEY 4-seater saloon (prototype), 4-cylinder, 11.0-h.p. Repainted, brakes relined, new tyres (two spares), gearbox overhauled, clutch relined, new seats, electries. (245. Box No. T177, Nin-roa seoaT, 15, City Road, EC.?. (2177 1924 ROLLS-ROYCE Silver Ghost. Through en. foreseen circumstances Exceptionally clean Saloon. Mechanically sound, re-upholstere,i. (200. Box No. T178, MOTOR SPORT, 15, Cit,’ Road, E.C.1. [2 I 7k VETERAN AND VINTAGE SPARES. ‘Speedos (no cables), various, 10s. each; headlamps, acetylene, Lucas, Autolite (no fronts), 30s : Lucas K.O.R. headlight, (4; H. 6: B. Sin. brass, (3 10S.; Rushmore 8 in. searchlight, brass, 40s.: pair brass Crossley electries, 11 in., (5; P. •& 11. brass o/s sidelamp, 3Us.; Lucas rear lamp (damaged), 15s.•, radiators, Wolseley, Morris Oxford (circa 1924), (3 each (damaged); Boa Constrictors (small, no bu)bs), 10s. each; tyre, be. 720 by 120, new, 44; Silver Ghost blocks (circa 192)), (10; magneto, BoSeh Z.E.1, Callers only. Burchell, Chigwell. Tel. : HA! 257 MAGNIFICENT MOTORING for ($5. Superb 1934 Straight Eight Packard drophead coupe, surprisingly good on petrol, amazing condition, always properly serviced. .Smith’s, Si;, Chalk Farm Road, NW.! Tel. : GUI-liver 2707. 12)80 ONE OF THE LAST 540K. Mercedes Benz. First registered 1040. B-type cabriolet,. Engine and gearbox completely Overhauled. Perfect condition. 050, o.n.o. B.E.C., 56, Burling mn Road, New Malden, Surrey. Tel. : Malden 291, :21s1 1940 ALVIS 12/70. Body damaged. Chassis guaranteed Al by Alvis Ltd. (115, 0.11.0. Tel. : PRI 4401. [2182

RENAULT 8.3-H.P., 1939. Reconditioned engine, fair condition. (125. Complete engine and gearbox stripped to clear. Offers. Harvey, 84. Westminster Bridge Road, S.E.L Tel..WA’!’ 3239. (2191 H.R.G. 1.100, 1947. Good condition. Recently

repainted! blue. Bills . available. (350. BOX No. T193, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road. E.C.I. [219a

1936 SPEED TWENTY-FIVE V.D.P. tourer. Good original condition. Garage size forces sale. (215, o.n.o. Tel. : POP 1459 [2194 1955 LOTUS MK. VI 1,172 c.c. Four-speed gearbox, hydraulics, Alfin drums, wire wheels. Rudge hubs, special rear axle with “A” bracket. spare C.W.P., Aquaplane mods plated outside exhaust; 8 cwt. Finished blue cellulose. ApprOx. 1,5(8) miles Only. Price (550. C R.G. Engineering Co., Ltd., Station Road, Edenbridge. Tel. : 3289, 2372. [2195 1936 RILEY NINE Merlin saloon. Grey, red lea ther upholstery. Above average condition throughout. Owner going abroad. (1.25. Tel. : Hornehurch 2232, after 8 p.m. [2190 ASTON MARTIN sports, 1939;… first registered 1940. 2-litre, long chassis. Dive good tyres. B.R.G. Now hood. Excellent Condition. (300, 0.11.0. Box No, T197, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. [2107 VOLKSWAGEN CARS and commercial vehicle, for immediate delivery; also service and spares. Webb’s Garage, 145/9, North Street, ROmford, Essex. Tel. : Romford 1021. (2198 1955 (NOV.) HILLMAN Californian. Red/Cream. Heater. (785. Webb’s Garage, 14519, North Street, Romford, Essex. Tel. : Romford 1021. (2109 12/50 ALVIS. 1930, shooting brake; .32 m.p.g Oil negligible. Cyele-type front wings. Good battery. (45. Tel. : Sanderstead 4935 (2200

RILEY KESTREL 12.4, 1937. Riley Invicta 12.4. 1938. Others in stock. Spares in stock, 1928 to 1938. New and secondhand replacement brake shoes, (4 105. a Set. Replacement clutch linings and brake cables. etc., etc. Ilileys bought. any Condition. Send ‘stamped addressed envelope for replies H.P. terms arranged. Clarke, 168, Lee High Road, S.E.13. Tel. : Lee Green 8904. 2201 RILEY I -LITRE KESTREL. Preselecter t win Zeniths. Excellent condition throughout. Owner going abroad. (125. Plowman (Tel. :

Hamble 3149) (near Sind bampton). [2202 ALLARD, 1949 drophead sports coupe in immaculate condition with several extras. (275, o.n.o. Tel. : Melton Mowbray 533. (2203, DELAGE, 1926, D1SS. One Owner since rebuild, 1948. Very good mechanical body, upholstery, hood, chrome rail. Fast, economieal Four spare wheels cis… tyres and tubes. Two 6v. 120 Amphr batteries. Perfect Ducillier starter, 100%

modified elu tett. (110, o.n.o. 53, St. Marks. Road, Hanwell. : EAL 1544. 12204 RILEY KESTREL 1274, 1935. Mechanically sound. Good tyres. Preselector. Insured. Must sell. Start bargaining at (3.5. Crowder. 394, Wilmslow Road, Withington. Manchester 20. : lids’ bury 1882 (not Feb. 3, -1 and 5). ,2205

RILEY KESTREL Big Four, 193S. over.) rive. Blue with red upholstery. (220. Smit),. 49, Westfield Drive, Lotighborough. Tel. 2207

FOR SALE—continued

1953-BUILT BUCKLER/FORD, Aquaplane head, high-lift cants, twin and single manifolds, close ratio box. Very fast, spare reconditioned engine. (250. Mayford Motors Ltd. Tel. : Woking 9. (2206 RILEY SPARES AND SERVICE (Open until

8.0 p.m., including Sunday). New and used spares for all pre-war models including : valves. Os.; guides, 4s.; valve springs : single, Bs. set, double, 145. set; gaskets, 17s, set; brake cables, 2’2s. Bd.; Speedo cables, 22s. 6d. complete; crown and pinion, (7 10s. Solid Copper head gaskets. 14s. Or).; track rod ends, 175. 6(1. All plus postage. Exchange dynamos, starters, clutch plates, brake shoes, 14-litre oil pumps. :stew racing 9-114). oil pumps. Immaculate 1935 Menton,’ saloon. Radio, heater, etc. (125. Welford Bros., Central Garage, Rothley, near Leicester. Tel. : Rothley 140. [2246 S.S. ONE, 1935. saloon. 16-It.p. engine, back axle, gearbox recently overhauled. Brakes relined. Body and chrome sound. (125. 47, Copley Park,

SW 16. Tel. : POL 2883. [2245 A SPECIMEN VIZ Lagondia, 1938 (the sportsman’s Rolls.Royce). Beautiful model in good condition. (200 grin. (part exchange considered). Banks, seen at Plisey Street Garage, Oxford, Tel.

55003. (2247 LANCIA LAMBDA. A respectable vintage car in excellent condition. Good hood and side curtains. (120. Banks, Shilton, Oxfordshire. (2248

ALVIS 12/50 STANDARD 4-seater tourer. .Speoimen order. (200 renovation 1954. -New tyrs. Looks like the day it left the works.. (185. Hopeutt, Station Garage, Wolverhampton. Tel.

25707. [2249 LAGONDA 4 Pillarless saloon, 1935. Very good mechanically Body fair. (150. Hopeut). Station Garage, Wolverhampton. Tel. : 25707. ,2250 R OESCHE TALBOTS 31-litre, 1937, sports ,tloon. Beautiful body and engine. (195. Also 18/71), 1935. Good chassis. and engine, body scrap. Write for details or ring Glossop 158. Rosebank, Hadfield, near Manchester. 12251 L-MAGNA M.G., 1934, 4-seater. Red. Good condition. (110. Lam, 27, Clifton Garden’s,

Canterbury. rel. : 5300 (evenings) ,22.52 1939 MORGAN 4/4 2-seater. Reconditioned ‘engine, with many -spares. (200. Sgt. Corbett, RAP.. Topeliffe, ‘Yorks. [2253 TALBOT 75 saloon, 1935. Preselector with automatic change. Amazing condition thrOught. (125. Terms and exchanges. Oscar Moore, 2114. Ballards Lane, N.3. Tel. : Finchley •2920. 12255 1).a, I M LER TWENTY, 1937, Saloon. Wondertu ; 9riginal condition Mechanically excellent. (205. “ferrns and exchanges. Oscar Moore, 204, Ballard, Lane, NI. Tel. : Finchley 2920. 12205 ” INSTRIJCTBOOX ” stock thousands of prewar instruction books. Send s.a.e.. for quotation Postal business only. ” Instructbotax,” 29, Black •

friars Street, Manchester 3. (2250 M.G. ‘IC. Nov., 1949. Excellent all round condition. Enthusiastic engineer maintained. Tonneau, Andre telmeontrols. (.120. 46, Gopsall Street. Leicester. !2257 SINGER LE MANS 2-seater. Excellent condition, completely overhauled. 4150, or ‘excihatige saloon same value. Hodson, 18, Claymills Road, Stretton, Burton-on-Trent. 12258

MICRON “MISTRAL.” Fibre-glass body. New. slight reduction. ” Fe-el tithe chassis, new. Ford Teti parts. Complete. Recent exchange engine. Reardon, Stallington, Blythe Bridge, Stoke.on. Trent. Tel. : Blythe Bridge 31146. [2259 RILEY KESTREL 9-h.p. Special series engine block 1036. I