S.T.D. Register Social (Jan. 11th)

The Sunbeam S.T.D. Register held its dinner and social in conjunction with the 12/50 Alvis, Fiat and Humber Registers at the Bonnington Hotel, London, on January 11th; 64 members and guests attended. The chair was taken by Mrs. Winifred Boddy and in the course of the evening the Inter-Register Team Trophy was presented by Mrs. R. C. Carter to George Liston Young, who received it on behalf of the Fiat Register, which won this friendly four-round contest last year. After Liston Young had expressed his appreciation he introduced Dr. Boella, of Fiat (England) Ltd., and speech-making concluded with a short address by Georges Roesch, the Talbot designer. Mrs. Boddy was presented with a bouquet of carnations from the S.T.D. Register.

The highlight of the evening was model-car racing on a Minimodels Scalextric circuit, at which an exciting knock-out contest was won by de Burgh Wilmot, the best lady being Miss Reynold. A box of chocolates was drawn for and each guest received a book of Sallon's Cartoons of racing drivers by courtesy of Shell, the ladies also receiving Esso rain-hoods.