Some recent new models



Several manufacturers have introduced new cars in recent weeks, some of them being displayed at the current Racing Car Show at Olympia which closes on February 2nd. Not to be outdone by Ford of England, Ford of Germany have introduced the Taunus 12M “TS” with its V4 engine increased to 1,498 c.c. and giving 62 b.h.p. at 5,000 r.p.m. The final-drive ratio has been raised and the maximum speed is claimed to be 85 m.p.h. Twin bucket seats are fitted in the front and the interior trim is improved. The latest Deep Sanderson 301 is a coupe version of the car which appeared last year and has a Cooper-Mini engine mounted transversely at the rear. It has a strengthened steel chassis with coil-spring front suspension and Mini rubber cones at the rear. This 2-seater has a glass-fibre body and costs £750 in kit form. Another kit-car on which we commented favourably when we tested it is the Rochdale Olympic, which is now available with the 1½-litre Ford Classic engine and gearbox tuned to give 72 b.h.p. at 4,700 r.p.m. The luggage accommodation has been increased by the addition of an external boot lid and the interior trim improved. A kit of parts costs £735. A new kit car is the Heron Europa, which features a semi-monocoque glass-fibre chassis/ body unit, all-round independent suspension, Anglia or Classic engine and gearbox, and front-wheel disc brakes. A kit of parts costs £730. The Falcon 515 is the latest offering from Falcon Shells and comprises a Ford Classic engine and gearbox in a multitubular chassis bonded to the 2-seater glass-fibre body. Front suspension is by wishbones and a rigid rear axle is fitted at the rear. A kit of parts costs £845. The Rootes Group have rung the changes on their 1½-litre range many times but the Humber Sceptre, which has the Hillman Super Minx chassis/body unit, Singer Vogue headlamps, Sunbeam Rapier centre grille and Humber Super Snipe side grilles, manages to combine a little of all the Rootes range. With an 80-b.h.p. version of the 1½-litre engine and a more lavish interior than the rest of the range it sells at £997. The new D.K.W. F12 pictured here is described on page 97.