The E.R.A. Club

A number of former and present-day drivers of E.R.A.s have decided to re-form the E.R.A. Club. It is now thirty years since the first E.R.A. appeared on the motor-racing circuits and the Club has been re-formed as a register of all past and present owners and drivers. The main object of the Club is to hold an annual reunion, to preserve documents and details relating to the technical and racing history of the cars, to be in a position to help all those seeking spares, and generally to help with information regarding anything concerning the E.R.A. Any past or present owner/driver who has not already received details of the Club are asked to contact the Secretary, Barry Eastick, c/o Ragus Sugars Ltd., 193, Bedford Avenue, Trading Estate, Slough. There is no entrance fee or annual subscription payable.