The 1964 Mobil Economy Run - Racing Circuit and Motorway Sections Included for the First Time



Dates for the 1964 British Mobil Economy Run have now been accepted by the F.I.A. for inclusion in the International Calendar. The event will take place from Saturday, April 11th, to Wednesday 15th, and will start and finish at Bournemouth.

The first day will be devoted to scrutiny and final briefing of entrants. On Sunday morning, April 12th, the competitors set off for Plymouth, before swinging through Devon and the West Country for the first night stop at Cheltenham.

On the second stage, there is a fast motorway section up to the Midlands. This is followed by an hour’s driving on the Oulton Park racing circuit and a rugged mountain run through Snowdonia. Over this section the average speed will be, raised above 30 m.p.h. for the first time in the history of the Run. The second night stop will be at Llandudno.

From here, the route cuts across country through Chester and over the Pennines south of Manchester. The cars will then head south for the finish at Bournemouth, where the leaders are expected to arrive around midnight on Wednesday.