It might be some consolation to Mr. K. Ward to know that he is not alone in his trouble with “blistering” Dunlop C41s.

At 8,000 my Triumph Herald had to have three tyres changed through this trouble; an earlier Herald of mine got as far as 15,000 before the same failing put paid to one front tyre.

Dunlop’s Euston Road Service Station were very cross at me for expressing an adverse opinion of these tyres in no uncertain terms and I was very smartly put in my place for holding the old-fashioned view that an article should be fit for the purpose it was supplied. After inspection their attitude softened somewhat and I was made a very fair allowance against three new tyres . . . but no amount of persuasion could extract anything other than C41s in spite of my offer to pay any extra for “proper” tyres.

It may seem odd to condemn a car for its tyres, but no future new car of mine will be C41 shod . .. the 1963 R.A.C. Rally may have been won on Dunlop Tyres but I for one have not got the “new confidence that Dunlop C41 Tyres bring to any driving situation” to quote from a recent Dunlop advert.



(The Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd. comments:-

“Failures are distressing and worrying for the customer. They are also a serious blow for the manufacturer, and particularly so far as that customer and all his friends are concerned. With tyres, the possibility of failures can never be completely eliminated. They are not always – or indeed often – the result of faulty manufacture, but if there is the slightest doubt, so far as we are concerned, the customer gets the benefit of it. The behaviour ascribed to our representative would be regrettable, and the one who saw Mr. Tomlinson, back in October, cannot now remember anything that would account for his impression. We feel there must have been some misunderstanding.

“Many people believe that a tyre’s most vital job is to grip the road, especially in our wet climate, since this is what safety depends on. Recent tests have shown that the C41 is well ahead of its competitors in this respect. If Mr. Tomlinson could overcome his understandable annoyance and give C41 another chance, he would be doing himself a good turn, as well as us.” – ED.)