Letters, February 1966

Its happening at last. The inevitable climax to years of bumbling, ineffectual, ignorant transport control; the universal speed limit.

When will “they” realise that speed alone is never an accident cause. When will “they” realise that the only way to decrease the accident rate is to improve the standard of driving, attacking the problem at its true source. Make the driving test much more comprehensive; covering all kinds of driving, at night, at speed, skid control, etc. Make the driving test recurring, at say, five years, for every driver.

A positive solution, is the only one which will ever be effective. Has Britain to become a nation of Fiat 500 drivers ? What will happen to the home sports-car market ? The outcome of this revolting measure doesn’t bear thinking, about. It is up to the responsible drivers, to the readers of Motor Sport—always the voice of motoring sanity—to do something positive about this, the most negative of all motoring restrictions, ere motoring loses all its remaining vestiges of self-respect.

Dumbarton. Stuart D. Campbell.