Miniatures news, February 1970



THE Corgi Toys range of heavy commercial vehicles has been augmented by Corgi Major model No. 1147 which is a miniature of a Scammell Handyman M 3 tractor unit with articulated trailer, of the kind found on the International freight routes operating the “Ferrymasters” heavy haulage service. The model is 9,f in. in length and is well-detailed, with removable tilt over the platform trailer body and a lever-actuated coupling between the two units. The UK retail price is 215. 6d. Another significant Corgi commercial model is that of Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 towing a toT Goose dumper, from the R. Smith (Horley) Ltd. range of trailer attachments. The Unimog model details the four-wheel-drive and supple all-independent suspension of the popular Mercedes-Benz cross-country product and the yellow, red and black outfit runs on big ribbed rubber tyres. Its reference number is 1145 in the Corgi Major series, it is 6i in. long, and the price is 135. 6d.

As we close for press comes news of a Corgi miniature of a convertible, a Pontiac Firebird, with openable doors, the facia, radio, gear-lever and steering wheel reproduced and the model finished in silver and black with a red interior. The chrome-plated air scoops on the bonnet are a feature of this miniature, which has sprung “Whizz wheels” and four jewelled headlamps. Four inches long, this Pontiac sells in the UK for 8s. t rd. The Corgi reference number is 343. To tell the story of how Lesney miniatures are made Lesney Products commissioned authorjartist Miraslav Sasek to produce a children’s book, which is called “Mike and the Model Makers”, about an American boy visiting the Lesney factory. It measures SA in. x WI in. and costs 8.s. 6d.-W. B.