V-E-V miscellany, February 1972, February 1972

A 1936 Austin 7 Ruby saloon, owned by the same lady all its life, recently went to the garage which has always serviced it for her. In mid-Wales rumour suggests that a 1922 BSA motorcycle, ridden only once and then put into a barn after frightening its first owner, got into the hands of some boys after his death and was destroyed; better news from this area is that a 1926 AJS is being restored. The Hills have found the remains of another AJS car. In Sussex a Straight-eight D8 Delage is being made into a replica of the two-seater of this type used by G. E. T. Eyston to break long-distance records at Montlhéry in 1932, and data is required concerning its colour, etc. In Scotland a well-preserved 1934 Talbot AW75 four-door saloon was seeking a new owner and a similar car has been seen, apparently derelict, in SE London. A reader who recently sold a 1932 Riley Monaco through an advertisement in Motor Sport has replaced it with a 1949 2 1/2-litre Riley RMB formerly used by the Bishop of Winchester. Harold Goodey, the well-known car breaker of Twyford, died last December. John Rowley is restoring a 1913 5 1/2-litre side-valve Th. Schneider, thought to be either one of the French GP cars or a production model developed from it, and intends to fit a replica racing body. A reader who has owned a 12/50 Alvis beetle-back since 1954 is anxious to discover whether it is the car once raced at Brooklands by the late A. E. Clutterbuck, as the car’s log book shows that it was supplied new to someone of that name in January, 1927. The engine is of the short-stroke type, but now converted to SU carburation, and its Reg. No. is TX 2177. Another reader, who is attempting to identify some badges, etc. belonging to the late Donald Campbell, wants to know the origin of a buttonhole badge in gilt and blue enamel, bearing what looks like the City of London coat of arms and lettered CLPAC. The Wolseley Register is looking for help and money in order to get the 1912 24/30 Wolseley M5 limousine in the Shuttleworth Collection at Biggleswade into a condition in which it is mobile. The car was delivered to the late Col. Shuttleworth of Old Warden in the summer of 1912 and now primarily needs new 895 x 135 tyres and tubes and some paint, as its total mileage is only 2,325. It is believed to be one of only two surviving 24/30s, the other being in private ownership in Canada. Letters can be forwarded. As a tribute to their late President, Mike Wilby, the Lagonda Club is writing a long overdue history of the make, a task shared by two Committee members, Arnold Davey and Tony May. If anyone has any special knowledge of these cars would they please contact the Registrar, Mr. Davey at 9 Summit Way, London, N14. The Club points out that in our TT Commemoration feature the car in the picture is BPK 201, which is now in Australia; the car taking part in the parade was the Johnson, ex-Hindmarsh car, BPK 202. We were misled by the Commemoration Programme. The latest acquisition of Talbot historian Anthony Blight is the ex-John Bland 1936 3-litre Darracq saloon, which is to be fully restored after standing out for some ten years, and a 1939 Vincent Comet. The new Secretary of the ABC OC is David Hales, 20, Langbourne Way, Claygate, Surrey. The Club’s Register now lists 15 cars, 120 motorcycles, 50 skootamotas, some 25 aero and auxiliary engines and 25 other Bradshaw-engined cars and motorcycles. The annual ABC rally will be held later this year.

This year’s VSCC fixtures

The main Vintage SCC fixtures for 1972 are:

Silverstone Race Meeting—April 29th.
Oulton Park Race Meeting—June 17th.
Shelsley Walsh Hill-Climb (with the MAC)—July 8th.
Silverstone Race Meeting—July 22nd.
Prescott Hill-Climb—August 13th.
Thruxton Race Meeting—September 9th.