Bardic lighting

Following my recent reference to how extremely well my Bardic electric hand torches have endured, the best of their kind I have ever encountered, I am delighted to learn that they still manufacture torches, and lighting equipment of all kinds. One of their more interesting lines is a neon-tube hand or table lamp, the first of its kind which uses normal, readily-procurable dry batteries. Intended for marine navigation use, this ingenious lamp, which has a red panel for employment as a warning signal, gives an excellent light for reading maps in a car, in tent or caravan, or for use in the home—just the job, if power cuts prevail! It can be hung up, vertically or horizontally, uses a printed, transistorised circuit and weighs under 5 lb. with batteries. It is balanced for easy carrying and is of break-resistant plastic; although the early Bardic torches were of metal, which we prefer for the smaller types. Known as the Bardic Navigator Fluorescent Lantern, this hand-lamp uses two 6-volt Exide L15 spring-terminal batteries or the equivalent (there is a booster switch to prolong their life) and costs £7.50. This may seem expensive but if it is as dependable as other Bardic torches it should last a lifetime. The makers are Bardic Systems Ltd., William Street, Southampton, SO1 1QH (0703-30611).—W. B.