Rally Pilots Association



Two significant meetings took place in York at the time of the RAC Rally; between them they marked the formation of what has been called the Rally Pilots’ Association— nothing to do with aviation. I hasten to say, simply the the of a common Continental word which means Competition driver. For a number of years many professional and semiprofessional drivers have felt that there was no avenue through which they could adequately express their views. The administrators had the CSI and the manufacturers the BPICA, but the competitors who earned a substantial part of their livelihood driving and co-driving for works teams had nothing.

In order to balance the representation, the RPA was formed with the aim of seeking recognition by the other two bodies, and already this has been forthcoming. An easy interchange of ideas for the improvement of event administration is one of its aims, others being to voice the opinion of competitors on such matters as championships, the running of special stages, etc.

There is absolutely no intention to turn the RPA into a rallying trade union, and the thirty to forty members are anxious not to be considered the rally drivers’ equivalent of the GPDA. First President is Simo Lampinen and Vice-Presidents are Henri Greder and Gunnar Haggbom.—G. P.