Alan Clark


May I please be allowed to comment on Alan Clark’s amusing article in the December issue?

I am Sure Alan knows full well that the Great Alpine Commemorative Rally in 1973 was organised entirely by the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club (R-R EC), and not by our very good friends, the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club Inc., USA (R-R OC.), although at our invitation the American Club entered some twenty cars, most of them Silver Ghosts.

As to his delightful hi-carburettered car “terrorising” the Rally, may that please be put down to Alan’s well-known sense of humour.

In fact his “terrorism” was confined to participation in but one day of Alpine driving with the Rally. During this stage Alan’s truly remarkable car was driven with spectacular skill and elan. However„ that part of the competitive element of the Rally called for adherence to a pre-determined speed, and entrants were despatched at carefully regulated intervals. A few drivers were therefore mildly annoyed at being passed, albeit with verve and dash, amidst showers-of wet gravel; by the Ghost racer.

Alan’s further participation was short-lived, as soon afterwards, either through choice or navigational error, he was, last seen disappearing, still at high speed, in the general direction of Venice, never to be seen again.

This for the record, and in no way to detract from a breezy account of a spirited dice between two mighty cars, punctuated by equally desirable gastronomic encounters.

ERIC BARRASS Tunbridge Wells Secretary, R-R EC