The things they say. . .

“Lord Ryder must believe in Father Christmas if he believes that his talk to Leyland’s shop floor and management in Birmingham is going to ensure full protection and no strikes.”,—Philip Turner in Motor last December, in a feature headed “Will the last Man out please switch off the lights!”

* * *

“Most Chrysler cars are worthy but fuddy-duddy, with a design emphasis on ‘me-too-ism’. Their most dramatic feature is the name of one Model, the Avenger, a blatant incitement to road-hoggery. For this the Unions cannot be held responsible: the American management must be solely to blame.”—Blackwood’s Magazine for January, under the heading “Bad money after good”. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. But we thought the idea was simply to suggest that the new Hillman would avenge those sales which Ford and BMC had stolen from Chrysler.