Morgan Scarcity


Really, this nonsense apropos the so-Called shortage of Morgans must be exposed. One can only assume that this “myth” is being perpetrated by a consortium of Morgan agents. I maintain that there is not only no queue, further, that there is no shortage, the only shortage is in buyers, contrary to popular misconception. Let’s look at the hard facts.

Anyone may get some idea of the availability of a marque and indeed what better judge of popularity than that, by combining the “for sale” advertisements of the various motoring magazines and, for example, why not any month of Motor Sport. So, shall we take the December issue since it’s a topical subject? From this you will see that this hard-to-come-by rarity that the Morganites would have us believe is their lot, is on offer in no less than 62 instances. From three-wheeler vintage machines to the new Plus 8. Incredible isn’t it, when you can only find 18 Big Healeys that were manufactured in vast numbers? And yet Morgans are virtually hand-built in comparatively minute numbers!

Looking back through the preceding months of Motor Sport yet more revelations! —dare I go on? Of those offered, both privately and through the trade, we find that 82% were on offer last Month, and 65% the previous month! Dear, oh dear, what kept the queue back. I wonder? Perhaps a slippery Icelandic cod?—Or an oil slick from their back-door to the nearest Morgan agents!

When I sold My Morgan Plus 4 in 1967, I did so having just had a top engine overhaul at F. H. Douglas’s, and with an AA report that could hardly have been more satisfactory. It was advertised through you and the E&M, at the not unreasonable price of £520. Can I surprise you by recalling that I had but ONE would-be-buyer? Reg. no. was VDY 481. So you may deduce that I’m no frustrated Morgan buyer, smashing little car that it is. I only write to point out that there is no foundation in the myth, only that the list of recalcitrant Morgan buyers is longer, by far, than those seeking— the facts have been laid bare. The astonishing thing, to me anyway, is WHY there are so many Morgans available it any one time when they are in the £2,000+ bracket only? What value for money. You can go Out and buy one any day of the week; right the way down the range. Why complain?

Bromley P. QUAYLE