"Autocourse-1976-77". Edited by Mike Kettlewell. 256 pp. 12 1/2 in. 9 1/4 in. (Hazleton Securities Ltd., I, Church Terrace, Richmond, Surrey, TW106SE. £8.95.)

There is little need to make much of the latest Autocourse review of the past racing season, because this fine publication is recognised as the best in its field and the equal of foreign race reviews. This issue marks the 25th year of Autocourse and this is celebrated by a review of a quarter of a century of International motor racing, by Mike Kettlewell. There is also a detailed study of Ferrari involvement in GP racing, a profile of James Hunt, and the Who's Who of current star drivers. Many top writers have contributed to the rest of this quality production, and the colour-plates are to a high standard. There are 36 full-page colour pictures, over 50 action shots in colour, and more than 400 photographs. This is the complete guide to modern GP racing and the thought occurs, why buy foreign annuals when you can have Autocourse, produced and printed in this country? Lap charts, full 1976 results, past winners, they are all part of this very complete reference work.—W.B.