A Brighton Run adventure


On reading your comment in January Motor Sport wondering what was the reason for my Paris/Vienna Mors not reaching Brighton in November, I thought I should let you know!

We had a most enjoyable run for most of the way with our only worry being to avoid arriving before our “earliest time of arrival” and thus incurring the wrath (not unreasonable) of the RAC.

We need not have concerned ourselves as the most sickening clatter at the bottom of Pyecombe Hill brought us to a halt.

An inlet-valve had fallen inside No. 4, but no damage was done to piston or bore and we have now made a new cage and valve.

I took the opportunity to have the engine right out and have been through it completely. Let’s hope that I will have another five years trouble-free motoring as a result!

What a marvellous effort getting the 1898 Stevens down to Brighton first. That must have been a drive! If fate stepped in to hold back Hampton’s Mercedes and the Mors to help him a little, I don’t mind, for one.

Best wishes to you for 1977.

East Grinstead BILL LAKE