Miniatures news, February 1978

Those who like to keep abreast of the new miniatures releases should note that Meccano-Dinky have brought out three new Dinky Toy motor-miniatures. These are a 98 mm.-long Triumph TR7 sports car (No. 207) in the livery of the Leyland competition department, which those who read JW’s article last month will be very familiar with, a Plymouth Fury Police-car (No. 244), as used by so many Police Departments in America, and an addition to the Dinky “Convoy” range of commercial vehicles which we referred to recently, this one (No. 384) being a 126 mm.-long Fire Rescue Truck (how topical!). The respective recommended UK prices of these Dinky miniatures are £1.25, £1.49 and £0.99 respectively. The rally Triumph TR7 will be of particular interest to those who follow modern rallying and wish British Leyland success with these cars in future. –W.B.