The future of MG 2


As a subscriber to your magazine for some years may I compliment you on the constant quality put forth through its articles and photography.

I am prompted to comment on a reader’s letter which I sec printed in the January Edition, “The Future of MG”. Surely anybody with an interest in cars would sadden at the thought of this most famous of marques being “buried”. I have been selling these cars, on various export markets, for some years and like to think that the present demand for the MG-B in particular is not to be ignored. It appears that the sales potential for this particular car is on the increase, borne out by the figures, listed below, which have been taken from the American Trade magazine Automobile News.

First ten months 1976 MG’s imported 25 767

Font ten month‘ 1977  MG’s imported 31,929

The increase in sales from 1976 to 1977 was, therefore, 6,153. Does this show a model on the decline? I would think not. I only hope that the chaps at the Leyland boardroom don’t get carried away with their new-fangled toys and respect the name which has given them many years of success MG.

Ramstein, W. Germany IVAN CHAPMAN