Safety Fast


I feel I must respond to Mr. Horsley’s letter in the December issue of Motor Sport, and say that I disagree with him on the main point of his letter, but totally agree on another.

Firstly I believe there is a place for a good, solid and reliable sports car such as the MG-B, which is also reasonably priced, practical (for that type of car) and attractively styled for everyday motoring. Let us not forget that in the beginning MG gave as a reason for their existence, to manufacture an inexpensive sports can that the majority could afford to buy and enjoy, and whilst it is easy to say that the last true MG was the “TF”, or MG-A, the current production models still keep that original promise.

In addition the octagon badge, even on the modern car, gives an identity to the owner, and it is this which would be lost forever with a BL/Jap cross breed.

However I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Horsley’s point that the Gilbern emulates the spirit of MG, and can fulfil the “Safety Fast” motto of MG with all the other necessary ingredients for enjoyable and exhilarating motoring, whilst retaining the practical and econotnic virtues that become more and more necessary as each day goes by. It is truly sad that a very good car, as the Gilbern undoubtedly is, has been in the main forgotten and neglected now that some years have passed since the company ceased production. It is about time that this oversight was rectified (Editor please note).

I am probably biased in my views, owning two Gilberns (GT and Invader III) in addition to a GT version of the MG-B, but I am sure many others share my views. It is impossible to revive the Gilbern company, and we can only take care of the existing cars, let us make sure MG production does not die, leave the same sorry state.

Crowborough, Roger Frankland