Temporary measure

Permit me to refer to DSJ’s October Letter To Readers, wherein he insinuates “Vandalism”, with question mark, in relation to TARF II and York Motor Museum. Now I feel Jenks is being a little unkind to us here, for according to my information “vandalism” is described by Collins Dictionary as being “a barbarous destruction of works of art”.

Certainly TARF II has had a Dino Ferrari engine installed plus Rover 2000 gearbox, but if we could persuade the previous custodian of the car to sell us the originals we would certainly install them, and then Jenks could consider retracting his, in my personal view, somewhat unfair remarks.

Meantime the car resides in our museum looking lovely in its freshly done livery. And as we have been able to at least temporarily homologate what seems to be a friendly international mating of car, motor and gearbox, we are able, when the odd suitable occasion presents itself, to show it publicly doing what it has done best — which was of course just going.

For your interest and those of your readers, I enclose a photograph of said car as she presently rests.

James Harwood, Curator, York Motor Museum, York, Western Australia.

Nice to know TARF looks well, even if it has mechanical stomach ache, and high praise indeed to the York Museum if it can regain the original engine and gearbox. We’d like to know why the Maserati unit was removed and what has happened to it. DSJ